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Do You Need Life Insurance Plan for Retirement?

Having a life insurance plan for retirement is one of the corner stones of any sound financial plan. While imagining our own death is not something that anyone likes to consider, you need to put aside your personal feelings and think about the people that are depending on you. Even when you are gone those […]

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What You Should Know About Retirement UK

Retirement UK is a popular option with many American retirees. While some senior citizens opt to retire in Central America or Asia, retiring in the UK is a lot easier in many ways. The language is the same, the culture is similar in many aspects to that of the United States and obtaining high quality […]

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Retirement Savings Calculator Items for Consideration

Using a retirement savings calculator to predict the time value of money is easy.  Choosing how you will save for retirement and how much to save are the tricky parts.  Once you have an IRA or employer sponsored account set up, you pretty much don’t have to think about it again however determining how much […]

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The Best Retirement State

The best retirement state is something that might be on your mind as you approach retirement age. If you are one of the millions of Americans reaching this age, and are contemplating how to handle that mighty step, the lack of a regular income, harsh weather, or changing economic conditions may dictate that you do […]

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Why Choose Belize to Retire?

Ever though of Belize to retire? It’s an amazing place that I was lucky enough to visit in the fall of 2010. Immediately when I was here I knew that this had to be on the short list of the top places that I’d been to in terms of considering it for retirement. I truly […]

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Where are Affordable Places to Retire in California?

The affordable places to retire in California are the first things people think of when glamour and fame of Hollywood comes to mind. Yet living in California is more than that. With the gorgeous weather and the beautiful scenery, many tourists make California their destination. For those approaching the ends of their careers, the best part […]

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Taking Early Retirement Seriously

Taking early retirement is the easiest answer to finding more time to do the activities we would rather be doing. We are all aware that we are growing older each day. Every day we spend inside our work place is another day we don’t get to spend outside. But it is not as easy as […]

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Retirement Software Recommendations

Retirement software is something that you might want to look into to get a better idea of how you are doing with your retirement saving, as well as projecting into the future to make sure that your retirement funds will be enough. Sure, you can find a lot of this information online by looking at […]

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AZ Retirement Destinations

AZ retirement destinations all have that warm weather so many of us are craving when we retire. This is why Arizona has always been among the more popular places to retire in the US. It was in Arizona that the first age-restricted community was built, making Arizona the birthplace of the retirement communities, later picked […]

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Average Savings for Retirement by Age

Determining how much savings for retirement you will be needing you would notice that time is of the essence. The concept of saving up for your retirement is the same as saving up for a rainy day. That is, the earlier you start saving, the more time you have to accumulate what you need for […]

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Retire to Philippines – What to Expect

Retire Philippines is a very great idea to put on your list of places to retire. If you dream of going to a topical country when you retire then you definitely should not miss the Philippines as it has so much to offer. The weather alone is reason enough to come here. The Philippines is […]

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Reasons to Retire to Canada

When you retire to Canada keep in mind that it is just on the northern neighbor of the US and has long been an attractive retirement destination. Living abroad during your retirement years is a dream shared by many. There are so many places you could settle when you retire and Canada is a fantastic […]

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