Ever Wondered Where the Best Places to Retire Are?

The quest to find the best places to retire to began after having worked and lived in China for several years. It was time to settle down to a proper home and start to enjoy life on our own terms, but with so many fantastic places to live in the world we really needed to do our homework to help narrow the search down and find the most suitable place.

China was good to us for many years, but we never really thought of it as a place that we would want to retire to and having live abroad for so long we had a really good idea of the kinds of things that were important to us.

Criteria for Finding the Best Places to Retire

We came up with a list of countries that we wanted to retire to and then researched the countries based on specific criteria including:

– Climate
– Cost of Living
– Visas and Residency Permits
– Health Care and Medical Facilities
– Infrastructure (Roads, Power, Internet,
Pollution, Drinking Water etc)
– Safety and Stability
– Expat Community (it’s nice to have
friends who you can talk to in your own language!)
– Language Concerns – we speak English,
Mandarin Chinese, and Filipino Tagalog
– Housing and Real Estate
– Possibility for Part-Time or Volunteer Work
– Food
– Availability of Western Goods ( it’s nice to know you can get your favorite brand of deodorant)

Our research led us to all kinds of wonderful destinations and really gave us a good knowledge of many of the different options available to us, and along the way we thought it would be great to organize this research for other people who are interested in living or retiring overseas.

We still have yet to make our final decision on where the ultimate spot is, but we hope that the information on this site will be beneficial in your own quest to find the place that’s right for you to
settle down to.