Why You Should Retire to Italy

So you’ve decided that you’d like to retire to Italy, but your spouse is a hold-out, and you’d love to convince your significant other but aren’t sure where to begin. There are several reasons to choose Italy, but you should be organized in your evaluation of the great things about the country when laying your cards out on the table.

What Would Life be Like in Italy?

When you retire to Italy, you’ll find yourself amidst a beautiful, timelessly classic countryside in an excellent climate that will make your life less painful, especially if you are suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

This reason alone is one of the most important factors that makes Immigration to Italy one of the most popular destinations in the world for retirees. While you won’t find a lot of retirement communities in Italy like there are in the United States, you can rest assured that you’ll find a wonderfully unique Italy housing options in the country that are suitable for you and your needs because each house has its own unique character. You may even want to look at getting your own Italian Villa to spend your days.

St. Angel's Bridge in Italy
Another reason to consider retirement in Italy is that, if you want to maintain ties to the United States and easily travel back and forth, there are several major airports with quick connections to New York, as well as several steamship lines. In fact, the entire transportation system is quite evolved and gets you throughout Europe quickly and with ease via trains and well-traveled roadways.

Enjoying the Italian Culture and People

If you first pay a visit, you’ll love the friendly people you’ll meet – Italians are quite welcoming of other cultures and peoples, especially those who come and embrace the Italian way of life. The warm feeling you get from the acquaintances you make will immediately endear the country to you. In fact, mostly because of the attitude of the Italian people and the culture of Italy, more foreign individuals retire to Italy than any other country in Europe or North America.
Best of all, you’ll like the prices in Italy. While there are a few areas that tend to be expensive – Rome, the Piazza Amerigo Capponi, and other areas close to the Vatican, for example – the majority of the country boasts prices much lower than the rest of Europe as well as the U.S. If you enjoy art and culture, spending the best years of your life after retirement in Italy is a fabulous idea, as there is no shortage of either experience here. Jobs in Italy are also readily available if you should like to have an extra income to support a more extravagant lifestyle.

Italian PizzaAnd who could forget the great Italy food? Pasta is one of our favorite dishes and what better place to enjoy this kind of food all-year-long than by retiring to italy? Chock full of healthy ingredients and natural oils, Italian cuisine is hard to beat!Experience Italian culture through the food. Go to a cooking school in Italy. In fact, you can plan a whole Italian culinary vacation or spend an entire week at one of the many recreational cooking schools in Italy.

Climate Information – 300 Days of Sun!

As I mentioned before, the Italian climate and weather is temperate, with mild winters and long, warm summers, so those who have aches and pains in cold or wet climates can look forward to a much better life if they choose to retire here. In most parts of the country, there is sunlight close to 300 days of the year. If these are not enough reasons to convince your spouse to come with you and retire to Italy, then dig a little further through the research I’ve done here in the other articles and I’m sure you’ll find the trump card you’ve been looking for!

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