Why Are So Many People Retiring to Greece?

To be honest, most of the people retiring to Greece are not interested in the majority of the mainland. In fact, most are interested in living on the incredibly beautiful Mediterranean island of Crete. However, there are also fabulous coastlines that are greatly desirable to those looking for a warm, sunny environment in which to spend their retirement years. Of course, the location and weather in Greece are just some of the appeal of this country, and we’ll look at several other reasons that make Greece one of the best countries to retire to.

In Greece and especially on Crete, winters are mild and almost non-existent.

The mainland shoreline is backed mainly by the mountainous region that covers most of the country, giving a beautiful backdrop to admire from your coastal home, and the view from the island is excellent as well. Weather is temperate year round, with warm, clear summers and daytime highs of about 82 degrees Fahrenheit and overnight lows that are a bit brisk and cooler.

Mountains that reach as high as 7800 feet above sea level accumulate snow, even on Crete, which offers the option of skiing as well as a pleasant sight from the warmer ground below. The beaches are fabulous and are one of the most popular aspects of retiring to Greece. You can swim year round because the waters of the Mediterranean stay pleasantly warm even through the winter.
Cretans are known for being long-lived, and this is perhaps due to the diet on the island, as well as the stress-free, peaceful, natural, and virtually crime-free environment. It is a great place to relax and get back to basics. You can expect healthy diet plans – lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats and less caffeine and sugar than you would find in an American diet.

You’ll also notice that part of Greece culture is there’s no hurry about anything; everyone is laid back and relaxed about getting things done. This means there is no pressure and no stress when you are retiring to Greece.

It is also a fairly inexpensive place to retire in Greece. While a lot of imported goods (such as name brand American coffee or something similar) are priced high due to import taxes, you can get local Greece foods – meats, cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies, and fresh baked breads – for a low price. Even gas (called petrol in Greece) is relatively inexpensive compared to other areas of the European Union. Even land comes fairly cheap. If you’re in need of some extra income to suppliment your retirement you’ll be happy to know that it’s also possible to find jobs in Greece to make your lifestyle here even more comfortable.

So, there is no mystery as to why so many people today are retiring to Greece. It’s an amazing place that can literally add years to your lifespan through the healthy environment and lack of stress and hurry!

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