Moving To Thailand: The Right Choice For You?

Moving to Thailand is an experience in a new culture and a new part of the world. It is an exciting adventure, but a relaxing one too. Thailand certainly has a lot to offer to you, including a beautiful landscape and amazing people. All said, Thailand is a great place to retire, relax and explore new opportunities.

There is quite a bit to do here and if you’re worried about not keeping busy, jobs in Thailand are available to visitors, though it’s always a good idea to set aside ample time for relaxation. Many activities are available including scuba diving and a variety of golf courses.

Here’s some additional info about what your life might be like if you retire in Thailand. For those interested in a side income or just something to keep you busy, working as an ESL (English as A Second Language) instructor can be beneficial and is always in demand.

Thailand is a unique culture, in that offers many benefits to the person looking to retire or just get away from the traditional Western culture. Locations such as Bangkok and Koh Samet are examples of ideal locations for you to live.

Purchasing a home or condominium here is a straight forward process. Thailand apartments and homes are different than they are in other western countries as they are made of concrete rather than wood. Still, they are beautiful and comfortable places to live.

The Thailand climate is good, especially if you wish to get out of the cold North American winters.

Thailand is also a safe country, with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Especially low are crimes committed against foreigners and expats. Another benefit is that the culture here is very welcoming to families. In Thailand, the older you are, the more revered you are by the society. The government here has also made providing world-class doctors and equipment for the Thailand hospitals.

Another important thing to consider when moving here is the cost of living in Thailand. The good news is Thailand is one of the most affordable places to retire in the world. The cost of living here is very low, which means that you will need less to live as you would in the United States or other Western countries. More so, the quality of life is excellent. There is less stress, and less demand on individuals here which is common to other tropical countries.
Thailand food is full of flavor and unique ingredients. While you will find many western style foods available in the tourist areas the national cuisine is truly world class.

For those planning it, moving to Thailand will require a long term visa. A Thailand visa can be obtained from the consulate or the Thai Embassy ahead of time.

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