Retire to France: An Overview

If you retire to France you’ll have a chance to see the Eiffel tower up close whenever you like. France is the place every person dreams of going to. We grow up knowing what the Eiffel tower looks like, but you may have yet to see it for yourself. If you haven’t had a chance to visit France when you were younger or while you were still working, it’s never too late.

Many people dream of retiring in the tropics to enjoy the surf, sand and the sun. When you retire to France you get to experience that too. The Mediterranean part of France is a very popular tourist destination where you can enjoy playing in the waves.

The food is something too look forward too when you retire in France. The majority of the delicacies here have a touch of cheese or wine as part of the ingredients.

French food is known all over the world because of its distinct taste. When you retire in France, you get to taste and enjoy French food everyday.
It is not difficult to get to France for your retirement. Coming from the US, all you need is to apply for a visa and your passport, and then you are permitted entry to France.
Housing in France is not difficult to find as there are many options. You can buy your own home or you can rent one. A lot of people who retire in France are actually living out their retirement in rented homes or apartments. You can rent an apartment here for as low as 700 USD a month. The cost differs according to the location. You can even get your own home for only 60,000 USD in some of France’s rural areas.

The health care in France is one of the best in the world. Health care is always a consideration when you are retiring because more trips to the doctor are expected when you are growing old. When you retire to France you do not need to spend much to get quality health care. France offers medical insurance that you only have to pay 1,500 USD a year for that will cover all your health care expenses for the year.
The cost of living in France is quite low. You can get your basic needs and utilities here for as low as 600 USD a month when you retire to France. Even an average retirement income would go a long way with such low expenses. In France, you can immerse yourself in a great culture with friendly people.

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