Why You Should Retire to Australia

If you retire to Australia, you’ll find yourself in a country with an economy and lifestyle comparable to that of the United States, making the transition to foreign soil that much easier. However, Australia has a lot to offer in several areas regarding quality of life that even the United States has trouble maintaining in the most desirable areas.

The land ‘Down Under’ is a modern, rich nation that is full of beauty with a number of its own natural resources, and a variety of climates tog choose from when you are picking out your home.

Unlike the United States, Australia has no problem with population density. The island country/continent is roughly the same size as the United


Thus, when you retire to Australia, you don’t have to worry about crowding – you can have a large, open space of your own without neighbors crowding in on your privacy. Australia apartments are springing up all over this country, so you won’t have any problems finding one that’s perfect for you.

Another plus of this country is that there is very little pollution, especially in comparison to the western world. This will help make it easier for you to breathe if you have any sort of respiratory ailment, and it will provide a healthier lifestyle for you regardless any health issues you may or may not have. Australia housing nowadays are mostly built like a Victorian-Style type and are commonly located in the inner cities, this tye of housing was popular with the working class while wealthier families lived in detached Victorian style houses.

Before you retire to Australia you will want to look into Medicare Australia. It was formerly known as the Health Insurance Commission and is responsible for policy and program development. It also has many branch offices across Australia, usually located in retail centers. These are responsible for processing payments and claims from members of the public.

On top of this, the life expectancy is higher here, and infant mortality rate is low, so there is a greater possibility for living longer if you retire to Australia. Part of the draw for retirees to move to Australia is due to the health care system in Australia – it is centralized by the government, so everyone is covered. When it comes to economics and financial status, there is less of a gap between the rich and the poor, leading to less division in the population. Though the gap between the social classes isn’t that great, if you wish to obtain permanent visa status in Australia you will have to invest a substantial amount of Australia Retirement Visa requirements here.

In fact, Australians are very social people and the Australian culture is very welcoming and friendly in nature, so you will feel right at home wherever you go if you choose to retire in Australia.

While you may not receive an invitation to someone else’s home right away (Australians don’t do that quickly or easily), you’ll probably get off on good terms in public with most people off the bat, with the term “mate” flying around freely by way of acknowledgment.

Best of all, if you retire here, you’ll adore the Australia weather.

The country experiences no real winter in the majority of its areas, regardless of the overall climate (coastal areas are much more populous and modernized than the “outback”, or desert areas). Because the country is located in the southern hemisphere so the seasons are reversed to those that you are familiar with in the northern hemisphere. Summer lasts from December through February, autumn from March until May, a very mild winter season from June to August, and spring from September to November.

The food in Australia is a rich fusion from all parts of the world and because the majority of the population lives along the coast there is an abundance of sea food options for anyone with a craving for the fruits of the ocean.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that finding a job in Australia, should you need to suppliment your retirement income is much easier here than in some of the other countries that are great to retire in, but where the langauge and cultural hurdles are larger.

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