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Why retire in Belize? Belize is a country many may not have heard of,though it offers plenty of opportunity for relaxing in the sun and retiring in pure bliss. The country was formally called British Honduras and is located on the Eastern coast of Central America. For individuals wishing to retire in the Caribbean, Belize retirement may be one of the best choices today. Mexico is just to the north and Guatemala is to the south.

Visitors here often come to enjoy the Belize weather and its subtropical quality. The cays (small islands made up of mostly sand and coral) are also attractions with the barrier reef to explore.

Water sports are very popular including scuba diving, boating, fishing, and even animal watching.

Away from the sea are the mountains. The Mountain Pine Ridge region is one choice and the Maya Mountains another. Throughout this area you will find beautiful waterfalls and even some of the oldest Mayan cities.

Moving to Belize is not as difficult as you may think. There is a number of retirement communities perfectly set up to help those planning to retire in Belize. Moving here also means taking in the Belize culture, which is welcoming and a good example of Latin American tradition. The culture is actually quite a mix between many natives and foreign nationals alike. You will find Mayans, Mestizo, Creole, Mennonite and Chinese to be the largest heritages. English is the official language of the country though some Creole dialect is found and Spanish is always widely spoken here.

The Belize food is a natural mix of all of the above mentioned cultures.

When you retire in Belize, you will want to consider all aspects of living here including the cost of living possibly finding jobs in Belize, finding a quality apartment, as well as enjoying the food of the country. The Belize immigration laws of the country should be carefully considered when you are thinking of retiring in Belize, but for the most part, you will find that the country is welcoming to those that want to come and stay to play or stay to retire.

Take the time to learn as much as you can about the benefits of retiring in Belize. Living in Belize may be one of the best moves you make!

My Belize Experience

In October 2010 I was lucky enough to get to visit Belize. I went with a friend and on the flight over we did some quick research and decided to see what it was like in San Pedro. What an amazing place! First of all we were happy to be greeted by friendly staff at the airport where we were served Rum Punch, a popular Caribbean drink. From the main airport in Belize city we booked a short 15 minute flight on a small prop plane to San Pedro.

The fact that everyone here speaks English makes life in Belize much easier than other countries I’ve visited. The local expats were very friendly and I was excited to hear about their life on the tiny island. Because we had traveled during the low season in October and we hadn’t booked rooms in advance we were able to take advantage of walk-in rates which were about one third of the cost of the regular high season prices. Rooms weren’t as cheap as some of the other places that I’ve visited, but they were very comfortable and everyone we met was really laid back and welcoming.

While there we chartered a private sail boat to take us out to Shark and Ray alley – a very popular scuba and snorkeling spot. The day was a little overcast which was unusual as all other days we were there was very sunny. The snorkeling was amazing – the best I’ve had so far and we were able to see nurse sharks, eels, manta rays, barracuda, grouper and lobster. Overall it was a very amazing trip and I’m now really researching a lot more into moving here – it was really what I envisioned paradise being like.

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