Thailand Visa Requirements

Thailand visa requirements are something that you must consider before moving. There are several different types of visas available, based on why you’re going there as well as the length of stay. You can obtain the necessary paperwork and requirements by visiting the Thai embassy or contacting the consulate in your area.

If you are visiting Thailand for less than 30 days, no official visa is required, assuming you are coming from one of many approved countries. This includes visitors from countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, as well as most other European countries.
You will need to have a valid passport issued in your native country to enter and your passport should be valid for at least another six months.

If you plan to visit Thailand for up to 60 days, then you will need to have a tourism visa. There is a small cost for this type of visa, about $25 per person. You will need to provide proof of your travel arrangements, which must take place within 90 days of issuance of the visa. You can use this type of visa to get a feel for the country and to secure things like housing before planning your move here.

Once you do plan to move to Thailand, you will need to get the appropriate approval for doing so. Currently, the Office of the Interior Minister is reviewing this process. In the near future, the requirements may change. An application for residence permit must be obtained before you can move to the country. You will then need to have it approved. These requirements and applications are available through the Thai consulate.
You can learn about the specific requirements of obtaining a Thailand visa by visiting the
Thai Embassy Website.

Finally, when moving to Thailand for retirement, you will need to show proof of your retirement as well as proof that you can financially support yourself. Then, obtaining the necessary application and approval for residency is in the hands of the Embassy.

Make sure to always be ‘legal’ while in Thailand – this means having a valid visa. If they determine that you have overstayed your visa, you could face costly fines and even imprisonment. Obtaining a Thailand visa is not difficult, but the application process does require some time for residency so make sure to do the necessary work in obtaining your visa before you leave.

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