Argentina Culture: What It’s Really Like

Argentina culture is unique, but at the same time quite like that of other South American countries.You will find that the ethnic traditions that make up the people here are one of the strongest influences on their culture.Like most other North and South American countries, Argentina is a melting pot of cultures.You will find many European immigrants have established this country, bringing with them all the tradition from those countries.There are also some African influences and some Asian influences evident as well.

Our Argentinean Friends:
If you’ve never met anyone from Argentina before you are certainly in for a treat. The people here are extremely warm hearted and they love to party and dance! The country may have a reputation for being laid back, but don’t let that fool you – Argentineans are very active people who really do enjoy life for all that it’s worth.

Argentina’s largest population is of Spanish decent.Many of the older buildings as well as some of the more modern styles are very much Spanish influenced.Other evidence of the true culture of this country is found within those buildings.For example, many of the museums and galleries showcase the love of art, and offer many heritage based themes to them.
Music is a large part of the Argentina culture, too.You will find that the tango is truly a national trend.When you stay “tango” here, though, you are not only talking about the actual music but also the lyrics that go with it.Many other European influenced music genres are found, too.

Sports in Argentina

The country also has a passion for sports.Rather, futbol (soccer in the US) is one of the national obsessions.

They are well known for the international play, as you will see if you venture here.Other sports include tennis, field hockey and rugby union.Those that come from a true English background often enjoy polo as well.This was more of the upper class, though, so is not as popular as soccer is.
Even as Argentina culture is defined by these things, perhaps the most important aspect of this country’s lifestyle is that of its close nit ties to family and friends.Nearly all people will spend most of their leisure time with family.Clubbing is popular among teens and for older individuals, a fine dining experience is the best way to spend time with friends.

A Laid Back Lifestyle Perfect for Retirement

The culture here is very laid back and still hard working.In other words, when in Argentina, you will find people are passionate about their jobs and doing well economically, but not so much that it interferes with family time and enjoying life for what it is worth.Argentina culture is very much based on a theme of living life to the fullest.

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