Argentina Food: What Flavors Await

One of the first things you will notice about Argentina food is that it is protein based. The country is well known for its love of meats, especially that of beef. In fact, the country consumes a very high amount of protein in comparison to most American lifestyles, which is actually quite interesting. Yet, the cuisine here is full of flavor, texture and homegrown natural foods. Unlike other South American countries, nearly all the food you find in Argentina is grown here.

For a true look at what Argentina food is like, you’ll need to visit the parrillas, or Argentine grills. Here, you are likely to find perhaps the most lavish of meals available.

You’ll be served beef, racks of lamb and much more. Many times, the meat is served skewers and the waiter will walk from one person to the next cutting off a portion for each guest. More so, they will come back time and again to offer you other cuts, different types of meat or more of the same.

Wine is also a large portion of your meal here. You are likely to feel as if you are royalty in the way that you are given lavish meals and wine to drink, but this is very traditional of the food culture in Argentina. One of the best things about this type of cuisine is the price, too, which is very low compared to a meal like this in the United States. You’ll spend half, if not less, than you would by visiting most steakhouses in the US.

In terms of the type of cuisine you can expect, there are lots of options as Argentina’s culture is very much a melting pot. You will find a wide range of European cuisine represented throughout the country including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and even some Asian influence. Additionally, the Native South American heritage is also strongly represented here.

You do not have to be a meat lover to enjoy this country’s foods, though. There is a large range of fruits and vegetables offered and grains are served with every meal. Many of these foods are home grown within the country, too. Generally speaking the food is full of flavor, but is not overly spicy. Enjoy the best ice creams you’ll find, or enjoy a sorrentinos, which is ravioli like pasta that is filled with spinach and cheese.

There really is a lot to enjoy here. Do not be afraid to taste new foods and to really get to know the cultural cuisine you’ll find throughout the country.

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