Argentina Travel Tips: Get The Most Out Of Your Sta2

There are many Argentina travel tips that can be offered to both visitors as well as those staying here. While your first reactions will be to stick to the coast and enjoy the tourist opportunities found here, there is much more to do and see throughout the country.
How will you see Argentina, and what makes it more enjoyable? Consider these helpful tips.
Make one of your visits into the heart of the city Buenos Aires in the cosmopolitan districts. There, you will find perhaps the most elegant fashionable district on the continent.

You can sit in one of the many high-end, sophisticated diners and watch those that

walk by as you drink an espresso like coffee or enjoy a cervesas (beer) as these beverages go hand in hand here.

Even the high life will not cost you much here. You will also find that there is a huge cultural following in Buenos Aires, with more than 100 art galleries, 70 museums as well as over 300 theaters within this city and surrounding areas. Spend some time to enjoy them at your leisure.
When visiting, one of the best Argentina travel tips you need to have is to dress modestly. While many of those living here are very fashionable, there is still the expectation of being “covered up” rather than revealing. People will look favorably on you when you are dressed appropriately.

A note about what to wear:We usually like to do as the locals, so keep your eyes open to the local fashion and then dress accordingly. If you are not exactly sure how to dress, try packing less clothes so that when you arrive in Argentina you can purchase new clothes that are sure to match the local style appropriately.

Do not forget about siestas, which happen in virtually all of the country outside of the capital city. Between 1 in the afternoon and 4 in the evening, you’ll find most people are relaxing for at least an hour of that time. If you have something important to attend to, it’s best to try and accomplish those in the morning before siesta. Also keep in mind that the pace of life here may be slower than what you are used to, so keep your schedule light so that you don’t get frustrated by not being able to accomplish too many things in any single day.
Rural tourism is becoming popular in Argentina. Travel tips for this region is to simply enjoy it! You will find a number of options located throughout the region of Patagonia, near Santa Cruz especially. Here, you can spend time on a ranch, enjoying a more laid back type of lifestyle and of course, see how the ranching here works. Ranching is one of the largest agriculturally important sectors here.
For those looking for something a bit more adventurous, consider visiting the Andes Mountain Range, located in Patagonian provinces. The Perito Moreno Glacier is an amazing view and it will allow you to see some of the most unique landscapes in Argentina including granite topped mountains, fields of ice and the beautiful waters. This area is excellent for adventure tourism.
These are just a few Argentina travel tips you can take advantage of. Spend some time truly getting to know the people where you live and you are sure to find even more cultural wonders to enjoy.

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