Argentina Weather has Something for Everyone

Argentina weather is comfortable and welcoming for many people. The country’s layout and geography allows for a wide range of different climate options. Depending on where you live and what activities you like doing, you will find a number of excellent locations with a climate suitable to your taste.

In the north, the climate is very much sub-tropical. This means that most of the year there is a good deal of rain. To avoid the rain it is best to visit this area between the months of May and September (which is winter in Argentina.) While there will still be some rain during this time, it will be much less.

Another benefit during this time of year is the lower humidity level. At some times, the humidity can be very overwhelming.

If you look the other way, you will find that the south has a lot of sub artic temperatures. If you plan to visit this area of the country, it is best to come during the summer months (December through February) because the temperatures are more moderate. Visiting in the winter has another advantage of lower humidity while still being warm.

Throughout the center of the country you have much of the same, without the drastic highs and lows.

For example, in the summer months in this region, you can expect to see temperatures that are very warm and very humid, but not to the point of being unbearable.

Perhaps the most traveled city by foreigners in Argentina is Buenos Aires. Here, you will find the average temperature to range between 50°F to 94°F degrees (10°C to 34°C) throughout the year. Still, you will except to see some rain four or five days out of the week, though it does not always last long and it definitely won’t ruin your day, most of the time.

One thing that the locals do to take advantage of the extreme heat that can come with Argentina weather is to head to the coastal areas where you can enjoy the breeze coming in off the ocean while playing in the sand and surf. Many locals spend a lot of time on the coast, especially during the summer months.

Overall, Argentina weather is enjoyable. You’ll find that most buildings are equipped with cooling systems (though in some regions you may not find a furnace for winter months because it does not drop cold enough to warrant one in the sub tropics!)

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