What to Expect from Australia Apartments

Australia apartments are located throughout several thousand spots in the island country. Most of these places will be traditional rental apartments but there are also apartments that are more customized to a retiree’s needs. Prices tend to vary based on the size and location of your new home. Apartments are great as a temporary residence while you look for something a little more permanent.

If you opt to look at apartments in Sydney, a major metropolitan center, you can find accommodations ranging from studio apartments to three bedroom townhouses.

If your dream is to invest into a house, you can look at small studio apartments that are big enough for one or two people. Some studios include internal laundry facilities while others have just a basic mini-kitchen, bathroom, and living/sleeping quarters. Australia apartments of this kind are likely to be more similar to European apartments than those in the United States, which are very small, perhaps 200-300 square feet in size. Such an apartment will range in prince from $200-300 per month.


If you are looking for something a little more high-end, or think you might want to live somewhere long-term, you may want to consider larger spaces and the exact location. An example may be a 3-bedroom townhouse in Sydney, within 45 minutes of the coast, for approximately $1300-1500. Of course, there are plenty of ranges in between.

Securing an apartment in Australia is similar to securing one in the United States, with lease terms and agreements. Check the agreeable lease terms because many apartments are offered for tourism purposes. Some may limit the length of time that you are able to stay there, meaning that if you are unsure of your next step, you’ll want to settle on a location that doesn’t place such hefty restrictions and allows for open ended terms. One thing you can do is see if you can find an apartment already furnished so that you only have to move your own basic items to the house without the need, hassle or cost of hunting around for furniture.

Tips on Getting your First Place

Renting a furnished apartment is something that I would personally recommend and this is how we have lived while overseas. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have the opportunity to put your own spin on your house by adding decorations that fit your personal style, but it does mean that your transition to your life overseas will be a lot easier. One thing that you will want to check however if you decide to get a furnished apartment is the quality of the bed. Think about how your mattress is back home and then when you are viewing potential apartments do take the time to give the bed a try! Lay down on it and see how it compares to the mattress that you’re used to sleeping on back home. Nothing is more frustrating that getting a poor night’s sleep!

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