What to Expect When Eating Australia Food

Australia food is a diverse experience, having been built from immigration and combination with native recipes and traditions. The worldwide influence on the culture has made the Australian cuisine an interesting test in evolution, building a rather unique and varied palette. If you choose to retire in Australia, you will by no means be short of choices for food, meaning that you can almost certainly find several favorite dishes to enjoy for the remainder of your stay!

You can still find simple Australian cuisine like Vegemite sandwiches and meat pies, but now, there are more sophisticated options as well, such as kangaroo fillet and roasted onions.

In fact, the country has recently seen an influx on new restaurants and inventive chefs, redeveloping old favorites of the nation.

Australia Food

The country is well known for fresh, meaty ingredients. Because of the fact that most of the population is found along the coastline, seafood is a great part of the cuisine, with shrimp and crab being favorites. Other fresh meats often found in Australia food include beef and lamb. Fresh fruits are extremely popular, so you’ll be sure to eat healthy if you are retiring down under, and incredible cheeses are available to activate your taste buds.

Different districts or regions throughout the island country are best known for certain foods, much the way many European countries are divided. For example, Tasmania is known for its salmon, while Sydney is renowned for rock oysters. Get mangoes from Bowen or scallops from Coffin Bay.

One native Australia food that is quite interesting is referred to as “bush tucker”. This is what is eaten often by the Aborigines and consists of a diet of billy tea, local animal meat, and bread cooked on campfire coals consisting of flour and water. You will also find that, with its proximity to the Pacific Islands, Australians tend to have a penchant for Asian cuisine. Hopefully, you are fond of it as well, since it is a staple in many parts of the country.

Overall, you don’t have to worry about finding Australia food that appeals to the senses, regardless of who you are and how your taste runs. As a picky eater, I guarantee I don’t starve when I’m in Australia! The wealth of the incredible produce and the number of international influences in the culture have really created a melting pot for cuisine and palette adventures that you can enjoy for years to come when you retire in Australia.

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