Preparing for Australia Weather in Retirement

Australia weather is one of the main draws of retiring in this country, since the various climates across the continent are all quite conducive to those looking for warmer weather. Ranging from temperate to desert and grassland to tropical and subtropical and even a touch of equatorial, Australia has everything from coast to rain forest to dry sandy desert. Most importantly, though, the country is known for having warm weather and mild winters.

Because the few mountain ranges in the country are not very high and mostly warm oceans surround the entire continent, extreme cold temperatures are almost unheard of.

Some of the higher elevations may reach a sub-zero temperature now and then, but the more inhabited areas of the country are warmer. This means that you are guaranteed relief from arthritic ailments and other joint, bone, and muscle pain induced by cold, wet climates.

In fact, compared to the other continents on Earth, Australia weather is very dry, and rainfall patterns tend to be extremely seasonal. The only continent receiving less rainfall annually is Antarctica. Because of the shape of the island country, the dominance of high-pressure systems, and the low elevation of most of the landforms, evaporation occurs at a low rate, forming very sparse rain clouds that rarely remain long enough to condense into precipitation. What this translates to for you is comfort and the enjoyment of a majority of sunny, warm days throughout your retirement.

Australia weather does include snowfall in the mountainous regions, with the exception of South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland, in which snow even in the mountains is extremely rare. The great thing about this is that, if you are an active retiree, you can partake in the fun of downhill ski season in these areas.

The temperate, tropical, and subtropical areas of the country to the southeast, east, and north have temperatures ranging from lows of about 45 degrees to highs of around 80 degrees, making it ideal for those who are looking to retire here. The central arid region is much hotter and not highly settled.

The weather in Australia along the western shore of the country tends to be a little cooler and wetter due to the cooler temperature of the Indian Ocean that is bordering it in comparison to the other regions. You may want to consider settling to the southern or eastern portion of the country for the most comfortable lifestyle.

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