Understanding And Uncovering The Belize Culture

The Belize culture is perhaps one of the most fascinating of all things in the country. Not only will you be able to see the various people and their ways of living when you retire here, but you can become part of it. First, realize that the country has more than one authentic culture. A wide range of people came and settled in the region adding to the Mayan culture that was already predominant. Other races you will find include Chinese, Mestizo, East Indian, Creole and Garifuna and in some areas Mennonite.

Perhaps the largest focus of the country in terms of Belize culture is based on the Mayan culture.

As you move throughout the country you will find many archaeological temples such as Caana a pyramid in the city of Caracol.
One thing you will notice is that there is a widespread racial harmony for the various cultures that are found here.

Additionally, many of these cultures have their own belief system and yet religious differences are tolerated. People are friendly here, and are less likely to point out those that are different in culture, race or religion. As you walk down the street do not be surprised if you are greeted as an old friend by a citizen even if you have never met them before.
There is also an English element to the country, though minimal. This is due to the long term colonization of the British of the area. The official language of the country is English, though Spanish and Creole are also spoken.
Holidays are an important part of the culture here. There are many national holidays celebrated here including Baron Bliss Day in March, Labour Day in May, and Commonwealth Day in May. Independence Day is in September and is an important national holiday here. Christian religious holidays are often celebrated and each culture will celebrate their religious holidays.
Music and dance is a large part of the culture as well. Punta is perhaps the most popular Graifuna music. Brukdown, afro Caribbean music, reggae and soca are all popular types of music here.
Perhaps the most important thing you can do in terms of fitting into the Belize culture is to be open and friendly. In fact, courtesy is very important parts of the lifestyle here so don’t be afraid to stop and talk to your neighbors and ask questions of the locals.

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