Why Choose Belize to Retire?

Ever though of Belize to retire? It’s an amazing place that I was lucky enough to visit in the fall of 2010. Immediately when I was here I knew that this had to be on the short list of the top places that I’d been to in terms of considering it for retirement. I truly believe that Belize will give you a retirement experience like no other. Here are some thoughts to ponder on why you should plan for a retirement in Belize:

Retirement income is always an issue when making your retirement plans. Many people fear they haven’t saved enough for their retirement. Many want to go somewhere abroad when they reach their retirement age and yet they are plagued with anxieties of not being able to afford to do so. If you choose Belize to retire it could be a lot more affordable to live there than back home during your retirement. The cost of living in Belize is low once you get away from the main tourist areas. An average retirement income would allow you to live a fairly luxurious life when you retire in Belize.

The weather is almost perfect here, warm and comfortable. You will get a typical tropical climate that you might have always dreamed of. Once you’re here you’ll understand that this country is hard to resist because Belize is the epitome of a tropical paradise. Just the view from the beach on San Pedro is amazing. There’s a reef about what seems like a kilometer or two off the shoreline which makes the water extremely calm and clear right up to the beach.

If you’re worried about having to learn another language if you retire abroad, you’ll be happy to know that you’re going to get off scott free in that department if you choose Belize to retire to. The people in Belize are friendly and over fifty percent of the population speaks English. Other languages spoken in the country are Spanish and Belizean Creole, so if you can speak a little bit of Spanish you’ll have an even easier time adjusting to your new life in this wonderful country, but from my experience this is not necessary.

While some Latin American countries have problems of conflict and strife within their boundaries, Belize is not one of these countries. This country is relatively peaceful and its economy and government are stable. Being a developing country, you would find its low cost of living to your advantage. You can live here for as low as 450 US Dollars a month (no joke!).

Retire in Belize now and enjoy its government’s incentive program that exempts almost all Belize taxes on foreign nationals. Moreover, your foreign earned income, namely your retirement income, does not get taxed here either, so there’s more left for you to enjoy when you decide to retire in Belize.

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