Belize Retirement – Why not Escape the Cold?

Belize Retirement Belize retirement offers what many are looking for these days a tropical country that offers an escape from the day in and day out routine and climate of their mother country. For many the thought of experiencing another grueling cold winter indoors is just too much to bear. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to never have to hide under the thick blankets again? Retiring and moving to Belize is the answer.

Belize is just one of the many tropical countries lying in the Caribbean waters. Belize retirement is ever increasing as it continues to attract more and more retirees each year.

It makes you wonder what this small country in the Caribbean has to offer during your golden years.

Living in Belize offers an entirely new and different environment and scenery for those who have spent all their life living in a temperate zone. As expected, the landscape and vegetation is more lush and colourful. Rainfall is a common and at time during the year can be an everyday experience. You are left with a lot of time to enjoy the beach and the sun in Belize. Moreover, there are just so many beautiful sights for you to see and gives you a nice way to spend your time exploring during your retirement.

Belize offers a very attractive program for retirees who are considering retiring here. The Belize Retired Persons Incentive Program grants retires who are qualified to the program to live in Belize tax free. This is very great for people who have decided to get away from the workforce at a young age and opt for an early retirement. While early retirement decreases the retirement income you receive it’s possible to a small amount to stretch further than at home when retiring in Belize because tax is not deducted from your retirement income. You can even bring your family and all your things to Belize tax free as well.

No matter what your nationality is you can qualify for the Belize Retired Persons Incentive Program as long as you proven to be 45 years of age or older and you have a non-Belizean retirement income of 2,000 USD a month to support yourself throughout your retirement years.

The criterion in order to qualify is so easy. Hence, it has attracted a lot of retirees from all over the world boosting Belize high in the ranks of the best places to retire.

Belize being a third world country has a very low cost of living. Water, telephone, electricity are very cheap and the same goes for the goods and commodities being sold in the market. Your dollar will surely go a very long way when you retire to Belize. Property acquisition in Belize remains at a competitive price. However, retirement communities are slowly emerging.

While the culture and lifestyle of the people of Belize is unique and somewhat different from the American way of life and from other cultures as well, the transition to life in Belize is not so difficult. For one, English is their primary dialect so no matter what nationality one is, communicating with one another is not a problem.

With a retirement in a country like Belize you certainly get away from the fast-paced lifestyle and start living a more laid-back and relaxing one and get to do it under the sun!

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  1. WIll Moreno says:

    Well said!
    We keep telling people how magnificent the country of Belize really is and how diverse the landscape really is. If they are living in a country with cold climate it’s time for them consider moving and retiring in Belize.
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