What do the Best Retirement Communities have to Offer?

The best retirement communities have a lot more to offer than you might thing. They should be more than a simple retirement destination.
Retirement communities usually house their residents in one of the following:

  • Single-family homes
  • Cluster homes
  • Town houses
  • Manufactured housing
  • Multi-family housing.

The best retirement communities have amenities to provide for active living for adults, as well as a clubhouse, hobby centers, recreational areas, walking trails and a golf course. Maintenance of the community is paid for by the association of homeowners living in the retirement community.

Retirement communities are built to cater to the needs of people at the retiring age. There are retirement communities that place age-restrictions and do not allow permanent residency for those under the age of 19. Age-restricted retirement communities are 80% occupied by people 55 years and older. Some retirement communities do not restrict the people who live within the community no matter what their age is so long as they are directly related to the retired residents in the community. This kind of retirement community is well-suited for retirees who want to have their families close by. There are three main types of retirement communities that you can choose to settle into:

best retirement communities

Independent Living Retirement Communities

Those retirees who are still active and don’t need any assistance in their day to date living would most likely choose to live in an independent living community. While they can live off on their own, they still get to enjoy social functions and outings designed for the residents in the community. Maintenance is also taken care off by the homeowner’s association.

Assisted Living Retirement Communities

More elderly retirees who are in need of assistance with their activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing, eating and taking their medications would be more suited to living in an assisted living retirement community. Even though the residents in this type of community need assistance, they can still have they privacy as they can choose living accommodations ranging from a small cottage to a regular-sized houses. Most of them are housed in apartment complexes.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

This type of retirement community is more expensive than the rest. This type of community includes not only a place to live for retirees but it also provides for their nursing care within the venue. Access to health care is not a problem when living in a continuing care retirement community. Residents still get to choose their living accommodation in either an apartment or a home.
The best retirement communities can be found both in the US and outside the US. Those who want to retire abroad can live in a retirement community there. There are actually 55+ communities abroad that offer 5-star accommodation to their residents. Living in a retirement community abroad is much easier than having to look for a separate place since living in a community is where people have the same interests and needs is more relaxing than having to adjust entirely to a new culture on your own.

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