The Best Retirement Locations In The United States

The 10 best retirement locations in the United States that could be the dream retirement locations for you are as follows:

1. Tyler, TX a city of almost 100,000 people in northeast Texas also known as the “Rose Capital of America” because of the mild climate. With 25 freshwater lakes, there is plenty of opportunity for fishing and boating.

2. Clarksville, TN along the Cumberland River is about 45 miles northwest of Nashville. Clarksville is home to Fort Campbell, the famous 101st Airborne Division.  With the Cumberland River nearby, fishing and boating are very popular.

3. Columbia, SC is the state’s capital city and is located in the central part of the state. Columbia is also the city where the University of South Carolina is located.

4. Fayetteville, AR is the home of the University of Arkansas and located in the Ozark Mountains. Fayetteville is know for the beautiful scenery, clean air, rivers and lakes that make a great place to enjoy outdoor activities.

5. Bowling Green, KY on the Barren River is among historic Civil War battlefields and the fourth largest city in Kentucky. The National Corvette Museum and Western Kentucky University are located in Bowling Green.

6. Iowa City, IA is located in the eastern part of the state overlooking the Iowa River. The University of Iowa is located in this city, which was the first state capital.

7. Greenville, SC is located at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains along the Reedy River in the northwestern part of the state. There are numerous outdoor activities available with Civil War battlefields and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park nearby.

8. Gainesville, FL is the county seat of Alachua County and also the largest city. Gainesville is home to one of the largest universities in the United States, University of Florida.  With 65% of the county made up of wilderness and scenic lakes, wetlands and forests, outdoor recreations are abundant.

9. Athens, GA is just below the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and about 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, GA. The University of Georgia claim Athens as it’s hometown with many different cultural, sporting and educational event throughout the year.

10.  Lynchburg, VA is also at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Lynchburg is located in central Virginia along the James River. The city was the retirement home of Thomas Jefferson and also the place where the Battle of Lynchburg was held.

Be sure and check out these locations and see, which are the best retirement locations for you to choose from. Only you can decide where you want to relocate to.

Here are 5 more cities in a list of best
retirement locations to choose from:

1. Naples, FL at the southwestern tip of Florida’s Gulf Coast is a very desirable place to retire to. With 80% of the land protected as nature and park preserves, Naples is made for the nature lover in you.

2. Melbourne, FL is on the east central coast of the state about one hour south of Kennedy Space Center.

3. Half Moon Bay, CA is located about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

4. Galveston, TX has 32 miles of beaches and is a small island off the southeast Texas Gulf Coast.

5. Kailua, Oahu, HI has many parks, playgrounds and beaches.

These are some of the coastal cities that are quoted as being the best retirement locations to choose from.

Only you can choose the best retirement locations for yourself to live in. Some of the best retirement locations might just be around the next corner.

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