Best Retirement Places Inside and Outside the US

Where the best retirement places are is a highly subjective matter. While numerous factors are relevant when choosing where to retire, the choice of the best place to retire will vary from person to person.

When retiring, you may be looking to experience different things. Some want to jet off to a relaxing tropical island. Some may want to devote the rest of their life to traveling the globe. Some may want to stay close to their families and some may even prefer to continue working, not because they need the money, but simply because they enjoy their work.

best retirement places

Even with all of these options, those who have begun planning their retirement will have narrowed down the choices for where they would like to to stay for their retirement. Some of the best retirement places that have been considered have been evaluated for their cost of housing, access to recreation activities, culture and entertainment, quality of health care services, weather, terrain and landscape, cost of living and even crime rates. Some of the best retirement places have something to offer that others do not.

Best Retirement Places in the US

Baby boomers are looking for a more familiar feel. The majority of this generation would like to retire somewhere closer to their children. They are also mindful of a location’s potential for jobs they can apply for in their retirement. The following are some of the most desirableretirement locations within the US.

  • San Antonio, Texas – Portland, Oregon – Bismarck, North Dakota – These are some of the cities in the US that has a very low cost of living. They even offer job opportunities for retirees who wish to continue working.
  • Lovel and Fort Collins, Colorado – These cities have residential areas perfect for retirement as the landscape offers a stunning view of the mountains and provides for a lot of outdoor recreational activities.
  • Bellingham, Washington – This city is along the Pacific coast. It offers a seaside view, forests and lakes and even mountains. The city has a Victorian touch with plenty of affordable housing and many recreational activities.
  • Some of the other best retirement places in the US include Beaufort, SC, Austin, TX, Burlington, VT, Cincinnati, OH, San Diego, CA, Pittsburg, PA, Atlanta, GA, Tampa, FL and Chicago, IL.

Best Retirement Places Outside the US

While others prefer to stay in the US during their retirement years, there are still many retirees that dream of going to a foreign country to experience a change from the fast-paced life of the US. The following are some of the most popular places to retire outside the US:

  • Costa Rica and Malaysia – These countries offer very attractive Visa packages.
  • Croatia and Spain – These countries have developed handsome retirement communities for expats abroad.
  • Singapore and Thailand – These countries have been leading in medical tourism in the Far East.
  • New Zealand and South Africa – These countries offer many breathtaking sights to see and places to visit.

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