A Look At Brazil Culture

One of the things that define Brazil culture is its Latin American diversity. The other thing that defines it is the Roman Catholic religion, of which the country is nearly completely Catholic. Still, the people here are very diverse and the culture is a mix of everything from Native Americans to the Portuguese culture that settled in much of the area as well as Africans, Italians, Spanish and Germans.

Many people will say that the largest draw on the Brazil culture is the religion practiced here.

While Catholicism is the largest region (Brazil is also the largest Catholic population in the world) there is a presence of other religions including Spiritism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Religion is the center of many lives here, and most often plays a daily role the people’s life.

A Word of Caution:
The culture here can also be a little rough at times. While interviewing a friend who lived here she told me that it’s very important to remain street smart while in Brazil. General travel tips like not carrying all of your money in one place, carrying fake or useless IDs (such as student cards, movie rental cards from back home) and just generally being aware of your surroundings is a must.
She also said that the good parts of Brazil far outweigh any bad, so just be safe and enjoy your stay here.

Carnaval (as it is properly termed here) is another draw that you must know about.

Carnaval is the celebration that is held 40 days before Easter. It is the start of lent and is quite similar to Mardi Gras as held in New Orleans each year. It takes place in Rio de Janeiro and includes many parades, music, dancing in the streets and much more. Nearly every business and organization plays a role in the creation of this elaborate event.

Music, literature and cinema play a large role in those that live here. They have a fantastic love of the American culture, too, and often you will find American television readily available to watch.

A general look at the culture here reveals just how unique the country is. You will find it warm and inviting, with people that are more likely to spend the day talking to you about soccer (another passion) rather than about politics. Many say that the Brazil culture is defined by their ability to get around the problem rather than worry about it! This laid-back country deserves high marks for their ability to simply relax.

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