Brazil Food Offers Versatility

Brazil food is perhaps one of the best parts of visiting the country! The culture of the country often has played a role in the types of food eaten here, but so has the availability of unique foods. As people settled in the country they brought with them a mixture of unique foods, interesting styles of cooking and of course their favorite seasonings. Therefore, the food here is often a mix of European, African, Asian and Amerindian cultures. This versatility is seen throughout the country.

Brazilian Food in the Different Regions

When visiting the North and Northeast you will find many native cultures and therefore the cuisine here is often a blend of foods found in the rainforest. In the Northeast, you will see a heavy influence of African and Portuguese cuisine, as this is where many settled from those countries. If you move down into the Central area of the country, more towards the west, you will find a lot of fish, game and a more ‘meat and potatoes’ type of culture. Still, the Southeast portion of the country is the most unique in its rich population and often is considered the most “Brazilian” of cuisines.
brazil-foodBrazil food in this region often includes a lot of rice and beans. Many times, maize and pork are also included. Chourico is a type of sausage that’s found here and is a popular and less spicy version of the Spanish chorizo. Cheese is another very important part of the food make up and queijo mineiro de queijo de Minas is a fresh version very popular here. Fish is heavily eaten as are polenta and fried plantains.
Still, other countries heavily influence the food in this region. For example, when you visit Sao Paulo you will find restaurants offering virtually every cuisine you can imagine including American, Italian, French and Portuguese foods. Japanese food is also regularly found in this region. Brazil food here is very culturally diverse in those regards.

Experience the Fantastic Local Cuisine First

When you first visit Brazil, you may be tempted to stop in at chain restaurants that you are familiar with or to eat at an “American” restaurant. Avoid this. Instead, look for traditional, mom and pop shops that are found virtually everywhere. Visit the supermarket and test out some of the unique foods you are sure to experience. A lot of fresh vegetables and fruits are available. Quality cuts of meat are widely seen as well. Brazil food contains virtually everything you want and expect and even probably offers more flavor that you can imagine if you’ve yet to visit.

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