Brazil Visa Information for Prospective Retirees

Brazil visa information is available to you from the national consulate. There are several consulates located throughout the United States. You will need to obtain the necessary documents and present them to the appropriate consulate. These are found within the various embassies scattered throughout the United States (as well as in other countries.) You can also find them by visiting the Brazilian Embassy website. The process of obtaining the visa is very straightforward. You may retire in Brazil as long as you can show proof of your status and that you have the ability to care for yourself here.

Retirement Visa Requirements

In order to gain a permanent visa to Brazil, you will need to supply necessary applications to the consulate. This includes identification, proper applicant fees as well as a letter stating why you wish to seek permanent residency in the country. Providing the consulate with information about your retirement is necessary. You also must be at least 50 years of age for retirement visas here.
Some of the most important Brazil visa information is in the pension that you have.

They do require that you meet specific goals including being able to support yourself and your family through a pension. Pension funds must amount to at least US $2000 per month available to you and for each dependent you will need another US $1000. You may apply for retirement here and include up to two dependents at that time.

You Need to Have a Visa

You may not travel to Brazil from the United States without the appropriate visa. A visa is issued for tourism and often takes up to two weeks to process. You will need to have all of your application completed, which includes an itinerary and a flight schedule to apply. Plan ahead because it can take some time. The fees for such applications will vary, but generally are US $200 per application to obtain the visa, with an additional processing fee. Additional fees such as handling fees may apply as well.
In most situations, gathering the necessary Brazil visa information is fairly easy to do. You can apply through mail or by visiting the embassy directly.

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