Can I Retire Now?

Can I retire? When will I retire? How do I retire? Many people will ask this of themselves these questions throughout their lives. They spend their entire lives preparing for the moment where they no longer have to spend 8 hours a day in the office. Retirement is not simply being free from your workplace. Before you can even make a decision you have to ask yourself the following questions:

"Can I Retire With the Money I Have Right Now?"

You will need money to support yourself throughout your day to day living.

You will also need money for the expenses you will incur from all of the leisure activities that you will want to experience.
Living a grand life style during retirement and travelling all over the world requires a great deal of money. Before you can do any of that you should have enough retirement income to support all that you desire.

"Can I Retire in an Overseas Country?"

can i retireMore and more people are retiring in countries overseas each year. A lot of people choose to go here because these countries offer a change of scenery and the weather that is quite different from what they are used to in their mother countries.
Another reason why a lot of people have been migrating abroad during their retirement is the fact that some countries have a low cost of living, where their retirement income can go a very long way.
Considering living abroad might be a good way to answer your questions, especially if you feel that your financial situation won’t leave you with enough to live comfortably at home. Can I retire if the cost of living is much lower than in my mother country? This is a good question to ask yourself.

"Can I Retire if I Still Have Mortgage to Pay?"

You can choose to retire even if you still have quite a bit of debt waiting to be paid off. However, you will be left with less cash to support yourself during retirement years. If you retire with unsettled debts, part of your retirement income will be allotted towards paying it off. You will then have to make do with whatever is left of your retirement income. As a result, you may not be able to have that dream retirement that you always wanted.
Perhaps if you are planning to retire overseas, the sale of your house could cover some of that problematic debt. Another advantage of selling your home should you choose to move abroad is that you will no longer need to worry about it while you are overseas. If you live far away, and there is some issue with your house, it could become quite a headache for you.

"Can I Retire Without an Alternative Source of Retirement Income?"

If you have started saving up for your retirement the moment your start receiving your fixed income, you will have already built quite a nest egg by the time you decide to retire. Apart from savings, you can invest some of your retirement that pays you interest each month. If you can come up with alternative retirement income sources, then for sure you will be able to coast through retirement quite comfortably and settling your can i retire questions quite easily.. Alternative sources of income can range anywhere from a part time hobby job to an investment that provides passive income.
You will do will to talk to a financial planner or retirement planner long before your ideal retirement date. They can help answer your "Can I Retire" questions and guide your decisions to make sure that you maximize your income during retirement.

"Can I Retire Early and Retire Young?"

This is a question a lot of people are asking and it’s a nice goal, but there’s a reason that most people retire when they do in their 60s. It’s just not an easy task to retire young, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. It’s actually very doable, but you need to get a system in place for saving and investing and start acting on it as soon as possible. Consult a retirement or financial professional and tell them what you have envisioned for your retirement. They can give you the assistance you need in creating a plan of action to make your early retirement dreams come true.
As long as you are financially prepared for your retirement years and you have set all your affairs in order, you can retire early. This is quite a good goal to follow because you will be prepared for retirement even if you choose to retire at a later age. In order to retire young, you may have to double what you are setting aside in investments and savings, and though this sounds drastic, it is entirely possible.
The question of if and when "Can I Retire" boggles a lot of people. Yet, it is you who can answer that question. The longer you wait to answer these questions, the harder it will be to achieve you retirement goals so decide what you want for yourself and your life and start taking action today!

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