The Cheapest Places to Retire Will Make Your Retirement Dreams Come True

The cheapest places to retire should be a consideration for any retiree. In the economic situation today, the value of our money seems to go down while the cost of just about everything else is going up. With the current situation at hand, we are challenged to find places to retire where our retirement savings could go a long way and we still are able to live a relaxing and modest life.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is probably the biggest consideration when searching for the cheapest places to retire.

This is very understandable since we all want to make the most out of our retirement income.
There are a lot of retirement options abroad where the cost of living is quite low. The closest places in the United States where one could retire cheap are countries in the Caribbean and Central America like Belize and Costa Rica. These countries have low taxes and the living expenditure is quite low as well. The food and the acquisition of property are also relatively affordable. Your retirement income will surely go a long way in these places.

cheapest places to retire

Health care

We all know that as we grow older we would be expecting more trips to the doctor – at least for a regular check-up. Health care services are a high priority for a retiree since good health care can be the difference between a great retirement to a hard one. There are a lot of countries that offer good health care services. However, excellent health care services do not always come cheap. Look for places where a health care plan is offered for retirees for free or at a low cost.

Belize, Panama and South Africa are just some of the cheapest places to retire where health care does not cost too high.


Those who have been living with four seasons all their lives are probably accustomed to adjusting to different living conditions necessary for each season. This is especially true during the winter months. Tropical countries are some of the cheapest places to retire because the weather here does not necessitate too much added cost to our everyday living. While it may get cold at times, the weather pretty much stays the same. There is no need for additional apparel that is used during winter season since the climate is pretty much the same all throughout the year.

Your heating and cooling bill is another cost that many people forget about, and if you live in the Northern United States, or in Canada you will be pleasantly surprised to be able to spend that money you have been putting towards your heating bill all these years!


Anywhere we choose to live we always consider the safety of our lives and our belongings. There are a lot of relatively cheap places where one can retire abroad. However, it is also a good idea to look into the security aspect before hopping onto a plane.

A deal for retirement may seem to good to be true until you find yourself in a heavy crime area. We definitely won’t be making a good investment of our retirement money if we end up losing all our belongings from being robbed, not to mention the added stress that living in one of these areas can bring.

Choosing which place to retire to among the list of the cheapest places to retire is not a decision you should rush into. You have to examine all the important details before making up your mind. Some places may appear cheap in terms of the figure provided but in actuality you end up spending more than you anticipated, so choose wisely.

If you’re interested in learning about more places both in the United States and Abroad that you can retire to cheaply check out this article about about where to retire cheaply.

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