Living Your Dream by Going to Cooking School in Italy?

Has attending a cooking school in Italy always seemed like a far-fetched dream?Perhaps this could be a reality to consider when planning for retirement.If you’ve always loved Italian food and always wanted to be a better cook, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the world’s food capital.Think about it – you have no other obligations now that you are retired, so why not take the time to attend cooking classes with world famous gourmet chefs as your teachers?

Cooking school can be quite diverse; depending on where you intend to go for your classes and how in-depth you want your knowledge to be.

For example, the International Kitchen offers classes across the country with many different themes.

A weeklong visit to Tuscany will have you studying wine, olive oil, and other staples of the Italian cuisine.Don’t forget to visit the Tuscan markets and make excursions to San Gimignano, Siena, and Greve.

The Taste of Tuscany is a cooking school in Italy offering a unique experience of the intimacy that Italians have with food and wine.You’ll have hands-on instruction with professional chefs in a gallery kitchen of a 13th century villa.Here you will learn about seasonal cuisine, and build a portfolio of succulent Italian recipes you can take with you.

You will learn about the universal appeal of Italian food and how it is brought out in the preparation.You’ll even be able to develop techniques of your own to truly make the experience personal and fulfilling for someone who has always longed to be a great Italian cook!
If you believe that cooking school in Italy will cost you your pension, think again.Single day classes can range from about $220 for a beginner course to $300 for a more advanced class.Two or three day courses are available and will be more tailored to suit the participants, with prices varying.The seven-day adventure at Taste of Tuscany begins with the introduction, followed by days of cooking 5-course meals, and ends with a tour of Tuscany.This is by far the best choice, with in-depth learning opportunities, lots of fun, and a price tag of about $2800.This also includes the accommodations while you immerse yourself in the courses.
Every Italian cooking school is unique in its own way and will guarantee you the opportunity of a lifetime to fulfill your dream.Imagine becoming a better cook and a grand chef of your favored Italian cuisine!

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