Food of France to Look Forward To

The food of France is one of many great things to look forward to while you are here. France is not only known for one of the world’s best shopping districts or the famous Eiffel Tower and while there are many reasons to retire here,the food is divine. You’ll find that the food here has a distinct taste that is unlike any other school of cooking.

Wine, cheese and baguette are just some of the world famous food that comes from France. The wine and cheese in France are almost always the major ingredients when cooking French cuisine, which gives it its unique taste that is unmistakably French.

The food of France mainly uses ingredients that have been grown and produced locally in France. This is possible because the climate in France promotes growth of a variety for fruits and vegetables. The wine in France is the most famous of its products, grown in its vineyards and exported to countries all over the world.

Each region if France has its own distinct cuisine to offer as each region has a different ingredient prominently featured in their meals.

The French Mediterranean area mainly uses herbs, tomatoes and olive oil in the preparation of food. In the northwestern region of France, apples, soured cream and butter are major ingredients.

In the northeastern portion of France, beer and sauerkraut are included when cooking food and this has been attributed to the strong German influence that is predominant in this region.

Down in the southern portion of France, fruits and vegetables are widely used while seafood is a common favorite on the Atlantic coast of France.

Coq au Vin and Foie Gras are just some of the popular food throughout France and throughout the world. You would also get to eat other foods that are uniquely French here, such as the Escargot, Cuisse de Grenouille, Quiche Beef Bourgugnon. However, before you get lost in all these French delicacies, you can start your day with omelets, an original French dish.

You do not have to find a French restaurant to eat these delicacies. When you retire in France, these foods are an everyday treat to enjoy. Eating in France is just like a fine dining experience at a fraction of the cost. You don’t just eat one kind of food, instead you get to eat four courses or more in one seating. That’s just how the food of France is served. Bon appetit!

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