Great Retirement Places: Where and Why?

There are many great retirement places in the world where you can make your dreams come true. Before choosing which place to finally settle down in, it is best to get to know what each of the many retirement locations in the world have to offer you.
Scroll down and take a look at some of the best places we’ve found.

Discover the World’s Great Retirement Places:


Where to Retire: Mendoza Province
Why? According to reviews Mendoza has a very low cost of living and earning it a spot on the great retirement places list. This means that you will be able to stretch your retirement income for maximum enjoyment. The weather is great, with many days of sunshine. You would find everything that you need in Argentina.


Where to Retire: Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland

Why? There are so many well-to-do baby boomers in Australia today; as a result 5-star retirement resorts are emerging. The number of 5-star resorts continues to grow, making Australia one of the more appealing retirement places.


Where to Retire: Corozal Town, Consejo, Rural Cayo District, Hopkins/Sittee Point, Ambergris Caye, Toledo District, Placencia Peninsula, Rural Orange Walk District, Sarteneja, Remote Cayes, Caye Caulker
Why? Almost everywhere in Belize the cost of living is low and you will find many wonderful beaches to make your retirement a dream come true. The people are friendly which makes the transition to life in Belize a whole lot easier. Moreover, Belize is getting more and more retirees arriving each year as there are retirement communities in the works in some of the areas mentioned above. Another reason why Belize is one of the great retirement places is that the main language spoken here is English so it’s a much easier transition to life here.


Where to retire: Rio de Janeiro
Why? Beaches, nightlife, natural and historical sites, you will never run out of those when you choose to retire in Brazil. One of the sites to look forward to in seeing is the Christ the Redeemer in the Corcovado Mountains. Christians would definitely appreciate the religious tradition being practiced by the people of Brazil. Moreover, there are many parks to visit. Health care facilities are of high quality, yet people can easily afford their services.
Originally when I first went overseas Brazil was mentioned as one of the great retirement places because I was told that I’d enjoy living there so much that I’d never want to leave.

Costa Rica

Where to Retire: Central to Southern Pacific beach area

Why? Costa Rica is a tropical paradise and a dream come true for many people who want to retire under the sun. The gruelling winter you experience in the US will be a distant memory in this tropical paradise. You could bake in the sun and cool-off in the water. There is more than just the beach to enjoy during your retirement. There are many outdoor activities like golf, hang gliding, snorkeling, kayaking, mountain biking and so much more that you can do in your leisure time. The cost of living here is low so your money will go very far.


Where to Retire: Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, Corfu
Why? Greece is home to one of the oldest civilization in the world. Remnants of its long history can still be appreciated today and there are just so many places you can go to and enjoy them when retiring in these cities in Greece. Apart from the historic sites, you would also find lovely beaches along the Mediterranean – an area that hosts many other great retirement places. The cost of living here is also much lower than other European countries. It is one of the favorite retirement places in Europe.


Where to retire: Calabria (Puglia region)

Why? A lot of Hollywood celebrities have summer homes in Italy, like George Clooney at Lake Como. However, that is not your only retirement option in Italy.In Calabria you can find rental housing for as low as 300 USD. The low cost of real property here is one of the reasons why retirees are enticed to retire here apart from the beautiful weather. Italy is and always will be one of the world’s great retirement places.


Where to retire near the ocean: Mazatlan, Loreto, Baja California, Mayan Riviera, Acapulco, Nuevo Vallarta, Playa del Carmen

Why? These are cities Mexico where you can fulfil your dreams of experiencing the surf, sun and sand. Living by the sea calls for a more laid back lifestyle that would give you the relaxation you need. You would enjoy water activities here during your retirement. Moreover, you can immerse yourself in the wonderful history of Mexico in these cities. These cities provide retirees the standard of living that they would truly enjoy in their retirement. Golf courses and clubhouses are just some of the amenities these retirement places in Mexico can offer.

Where to Retire Close to America: Rocky Point, San Felipe
Why? A lot of people choose to reside in trailers and RVs during their retirement so they can live in different places. Rocky Point is just across the border form Arizona and is one of the great retirement places that is right close to home. Simply drive your RV over the border and you are in Mexico at Rocky Point, a small town that is known for its marine resources. If you want to have a taste of Mexican sea food then retiring in Rocky Point is a great option. San Felipe is another town right over the border from Southern California. Because of its close proximity to the US, its culture is a cross between US and Mexican. These retirement places have a lot of modern facilities to cater to your needs.

Where to retire by a Lake or the Coast: Barra de Navidad, Lake Chapala and Ajijic
Why? These retirement places are the quieter beach areas in Mexico. The beaches are wonderful, such as the popular ones found at Acapulco. These places are well-suited for those who are looking for a more quite life under the sun. All the same, you can enjoy the azure waters and the warm sand, minus the throngs of tourists milling about. These places have a small town feel that make you feel right at home.

Where to retire for a ‘Real’ Mexican Lifestyle: Cuernavaca, Oaxaca, Morelia, Guanajuato
Why? If you want to enjoy your retirement by immersing yourself in the Mexican culture, you can opt to retire in these cities where everything is rich Mexican culture from the food to the architecture in the city. You will also find retirement communities in these retirement places. Aside from the great weather, you will discover a lot about Mexico by retiring in these places.


Where to retire: Costa Blanca

Why? Most retirement places in Spain offer retirement resorts and among those retirement places Costa Blanca is one of the best options. People are often torn on where to settle during retirement. A lot of people cannot decide between living by the mountains or by the sea. Here in Costa Blanca you can have both! Spain has a long and beautiful history, as well as a culture that you can immerse yourself in during your retirement.


Where to retire: Chiang Mai
Why? Chiang Mai is 700 km North of Bangkok. One of the reasons why Chiang Mai isunique among the other great retirement places is that the world’s 3rd largest nocturnal zoo is right here. You can go on a guided night time safari here and appreciate animals in their night time habits. You will also find many beautiful natural landscapes and enjoy nature as you take a tour in the province of Chiang Mai. You will also be occupied by a variety of recreational activities such as hiking through the hills or rafting on the river. You can still enjoy shopping here because there are a lot of shopping malls in its commercial district.

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