The Easy-Going Nature of Greece Culture

Greece culture is relaxed, laid back, and somewhat different from the fast-paced and instant gratification culture of the United States. In fact, Greece and its isles may be even more laid back and slow paced than many of its neighbors on the Eurasian continents. If you are determined to retire in Greece, you’ll find that you are in the midst of friendly people who are content with enjoying their day at a leisurely pace. It’s a perfect place to escape to after working for a living.

The culture of Greece tends to revolve around the family unit, that doesn’t include just the immediate family, but also members of the extended family.

It’s not out of the ordinary that families extend invites to those who are not related to become part of their family, so you will always feel welcomed and often invited into the close-knit unit.
You’ll also find that Greeks love their food. Greece culture revolves around meals in many ways, and food is regularly offered as hospitality to any guest. While appointments and meetings do not call for punctuality based on the relaxed culture, dinner is served on time in Greek culture. Therefore, while a business meeting scheduled for four o’clock may not actually occur until around five, a Greek who tells you that dinner will be on the table at eight o’clock expects you to be there on time. A Greek workday and meals are not on the same schedule as they are in the United States; everything shifts to later in the day, which may require a little adjustment.
In terms of other aspects of the culture in Greece, you will never feel rushed and will experience schedules that are flexible, if existent at all. You will find that everything will finish on its own time and at its own speed.
This means you never have to worry too much about deadlines or any other urgency on your own time. Demands are never made and you are quite free to “do your own thing”.

Of course, this may come as a shock to someone used to Western culture, since it was the way of life you were adjusted to. That means you also cannot expect fast or punctual service in many locations. So relax and enjoy yourself in your retirement!

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