What are your Greece Housing Options?

Greece housing is very appealing with the cost of living here being 30-40% lower than what you will find in the UK. Greece is also an exceptionally beautiful place to retire to. Both of these reasons are why many people flock to this European paradise.
However, there are other things to consider apart from the cost of living when retiring abroad. You have to look into what kind of apartment or house you can find in Greece before deciding to jet off to this country.
Greek housing options include buying all-new or re-sale properties.

If you want to start from scratch and build your own dream retirement home, there are plots of land available which you can buy at low cost. There are also old houses usually made from stone that only need minor renovations.
Buying new real estate property is a much better option compared to buying re-sale properties because the former are actually sold off at a much lower cost. Most properties being sold are villas. Note – Due to the current economical situation in Greece, I highly advise that you do your own homework to see if it’s still better to buy or build.

greece housingWhen choosing which type of housing to retire in, it is best to do your research beforehand. There are a lot of real estate agencies online that can help you find what you are looking for given your purchasing power and you own personal housing style.
If you are not yet sure what kind of place you want to settle on or where in Greece best suits you, there are viable rental homes available for a short-term stay.
By living in a rental retirement home in Greece you can find out for yourself whether you like the place or not.

What About Greece Rental Prices?

You can choose to rent either a house or an apartment. Renting a single-bedroom apartment costs between 150 and 600 Euros a month. The rental cost varies with each place. The northern and southern suburbs of Athens are considered the most expensive Greece housing locations. You find more reasonably-priced rental apartments towards the port are in Piraeus. Rental apartments are more common to find than rental homes in Athens and Piraeus. However, you will find rental homes that are much cheaper in the islands. You can actually rent a single-bedroom home that is fully furnished for only 150 Euros a month. Popular Greece housing rental options for retirement can be found in the islands of Crete, Rhodes and the Ionian group islands.

The people in Greece are friendly. Moreover, Greece offers many beautiful beaches you can relax at, along with many historical sites to visit. Greece housing near these places is plentiful. All you have to do is some research before coming to Greece so you can have a smooth transition to your retirement.

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