How Much to Retire Overseas?

Asking how much to retire is a common question that a lot of people have when they are starting to plan for retirement.If you plan to retire overseas, it may be even more important to have a solid number in mind to coincide with your goals and dreams. Retiring overseas sounds like a very enticing and exciting plan and a lot of people have chosen to retire abroad and were able to do it by sticking to their plan.
It is a known fact that retirement requires planning and the plan is to save money that will be used to sustain your life throughout your retirement years.

A lot of people fear that they will outlive their retirement income and this is something that everyone has to foresee as they plan for their retirement.
If you plan to retire overseas, the first thing you should ask is how much you will need to retire there? By asking how much you need to save, you are actually setting up a target amount for your retirement savings. No one can solely rely on their Social Security and expect to be able to retire abroad, as this may give you enough to sustain yourself it certainly won’t leave much extra money for enjoying your new location. In all honesty, your Social Security is not even enough to pull you through when you choose to retire in the United States.
how much to retire

Finding the Magic Number

In order to come up with a rough estimate, you should look into the cost of living of the country you are planning to retire. It is also important that you examine their tax collection system. Factors like these vary from one country to another.

INFO TIP: While the Internet is a great place for finding the cost of living information for living abroad, you should also consult some travel or relocation professionals as well as some people who are actually living in the country that you want to retire to.
They will be able to provide you with the most up to date information that you can use to make your decisions.

When looking into the cost of living, you not only consider the basic expenses such as food; but you also have to inquire on the cost of property acquisition, property taxes, and most importantly the cost of quality healthcare. Coming up with a rough estimate of how much to retire is not really that difficult as there are a lot of information sources that will give you what you need to know.
Along with the task of coming up with an estimate of how much to retire overseas, you also have to ask yourself what is the standard of living that you want to live during your retirement years. If you are living a grand lifestyle now and you would very much want to maintain it after you retire, then certainly you would have a higher retirement income to prepare for. This entails that you have to double up your efforts to meet your target.

However, if you are perfectly content with a modest life, the question of how much to retire would definitely give you a smaller amount for an answer. Most people, myself included find that their life is more rewarding overseas by living a simplified life that doesn’t include all the ‘stuff’ that you have collected before your retirement.

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