Italy Immigration – Basic Requirements Upon Retirement

Italy immigration requirements are not extremely stringent and relatively easy to obtain if you prepare ahead of time, so if you are considering moving to Europe when you retire, you may want to consider a quaint little home in Italy. There are multiple types of visas and some additional documents to consider depending on your retirement goals. Take a look at the steps involved in retiring to Italy.
First, you’ll need to obtain your visa. If you are going to be living there, you’ll need to apply for the Visto per Residenza Selettiva o Dimora or Elective Residency Visa.

To qualify for this, you’ll need to be able to provide proof of the ability to afford to live there without working. In other words, Italy immigration will require that you are collecting some type of pension or retirement money that will fund your lifestyle, as this type of visa doesn’t allow for your right to work in Italy. Once you receive your visa, it’s a good idea to have a copy with you while you move around the country.
Retire to Italy ImmigrationThe next step is to apply for a stay permit. This must be done within eight days of your arrival in Italy if you are going to be permitted to stay in the country indefinitely. This document, for which you will need to present your passport and visa, allows you to join the library, get the phone hooked up, etc.
During your retirement you may want to earn a little extra income to fund all the exciting and relaxing things you want to do now that you are retired. You will need permission to work in Italy. When you find the opportunity to work your employer will be able to get you a preliminary clearance through a work permit. After you receive your permit, you can apply for a Visa.
This brings you to the third procedure of Italy Immigration; the working Visa. Applying for a working Visa is usually done through the Italian Consulate at home because most people finding a job in Italy are not retired, and this is the only visa they will need. However, since your main goal is retirement, this would be an afterthought, as most retirees in Italy do not want to work.
With Italy immigration, your visa, and your stay permit, you have the freedom to travel unhindered throughout the European Union. This means that you not only have an attractive place to spend the rest of your days but also lots of perspective vacations to take as you enjoy your new life in Italy.

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