Fundamentals and Set Up of Italy Villas

Not all Italy villas are the fine, audacious properties seen on television, which is a good thing as not everyone can afford such accommodations, especially on a retirement budget. The good news is that if you are less inclined to insist on a seaside mansion of a villa and more concerned with the quaint comfort of the country itself, you can secure a small villa property in Italy for a very reasonable price.

In order to find Italy villas that meet a more bite-sized budget, you may want to check into older homes. I would suggest looking in less populated areas as well, since demand will be less, causing prices to be lower.

An example of a more affordable villa that still has the comforts of home would be a small, older location in Campobasso. Since you probably won’t want to perform any maintenance or renovation, you’ll want to make sure that, even if the property is older, it is in good condition with no work needed. A 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-floor villa with a cellar, kitchen, and dining room can be obtained relatively inexpensively. I’ve seen prices as low as $30,000 (19,500 Euro).

In the same area, you can find Italy villas a little further out of town, set up more in the countryside away from the city life as well.

Here, you can get a property that is a bit larger and includes a garden for about 25,800 Euro, or about $45,500. From there, you can move up to larger villas or properties in more populated areas or areas that are more in demand, but you’ll be paying a lot more for those properties. For example, you can look into a four-bedroom villa in Gargano National Park that is like new and has an amazing view, but the cost of such a villa is close to $325,000.

When you start looking at the villas here in Italy, there are a few things to keep in mind, since a price may look good but you may not be aware of certain features that are standard in the United States that are not in other countries. I know that I made the mistake of getting very excited over the price of a property, which seemed like an excellent deal, but upon closer inspection, I found that there were no kitchen appliances and the restroom was unfinished. In other words, the toilet was a hole in what resembled an outhouse outdoors. Make sure that you know you have a finished restroom and at least have hookups for the basic appliances in the kitchen – refrigerator, stove, oven, and outlets for microwaves and other smaller appliances as you price out Italy villas.

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