Finding Jobs in Argentina

As a foreigner, finding jobs in Argentina is not overly difficult, depending on where you are located and what you plan to do. One thing to note about the country is that it does have higher unemployment numbers than most other countries. While the economy here is growing, high unemployment in some regions is still evident due to the recession that happened a few years back. Fortunately, foreigners have a unique position for employment.

One of the reasons that jobs in Argentina are easier to find for foreigners is because of their ability to identify with the American culture and their ability to speak English well.

One thing you will notice when you arrive here is the fact that there are so many American companies.
For those looking for work, these companies can be one of the best choices for you. They are continuously looking for English speaking employees who are familiar with their products. There are many opportunities within these companies, depending on your skills and previous work experience.

You may also want to consider jobs in Argentina that take you into the capital markets, if you have a desire to dabble in the markets. In fact, this is one of the largest draws for American expats here because of their knowledge of investing and of wanting to make a significant investment. For other investing opportunities, do not forget about the growing real estate market here. Helping to develop rural regions can be very profitable in this emerging economy.

English Teaching Experience:
Depending on the demand for learning English as well as the local economy it is completely possible to make a decent living working only part time. This makes teaching English a great way to supplement whatever income you already have.
I was personally able to meet all of my living costs while working only 8 hours a week teaching private students in China. Private lessons will always pay higher than schools, so keep your eyes open for opportunities!

Teaching Language

For those who want something a bit more laid back, consider teaching English. Many of the better schools in Argentina now teach their students English right alongside other studies, not as an elective, but as part of the educational system. This is found mainly in Buenos Aires and other larger cities, though. Yet, some of the best jobs here are going to be in more rural areas where learning to speak English is perhaps the best way to guarantee a child’s future working abilities. Teaching them can be rewarding, exciting and even awe inspiring. These children want to learn all you can teach them and are very bright.

Jobs in Argentina in the service industry are also available. Buenos Aires has a large tourism draw and this is an ideal place to find jobs in that sector, especially if you are looking for something low key (or you wish to spend your days on the beaches.) Regardless of what type of employment is right for you, you’ll love spending your days working in this relaxed environment.

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