For those that would like to find jobs in Belize, you will want to first understand what types of activities you would like to do. Since the country is mostly English speaking, you will find the ability to work in any sector of which you qualify. If you wanted to take on a full time job, you could find many businesses that may be happy to have you, especially if you have a US or other western culture degree in hand. Volunteering is another opportunity for you to take advantage of, if you are not looking for monetary compensation.

For those that wish to teach English, there are some opportunities here.

In smaller villages or cultural cities, especially those with a strong Spanish influence some opportunities may be available. In most schools, though, students do learn to speak English as it is the official language of the country.

Many opportunities are available in the religious sector, if you are interested.

Christian based organizations are often looking for people in Belize. Most of these are non paying positions, though. They make a volunteer work, though.

For those with a real estate background, one of the leading industries within the country is the real estate field. While you would need to be certified and licensed to work here, consultancy work may also be an option. The property market is flooded with foreign nationals, especially those from the UK, looking to purchase low cost properties.

Jobs are available in Belize. The economy here is often dictated by the tourism industry. This may mean that your likely position will be in the service industry such as working with tourists, in restaurants or by doing other similar tasks. Charity work is found through local hospitals and organizations. Jobs in Belize to make a living off of would be harder to find, and the country does require anyone that is planning to move or retire here to have financial means to support themselves. Therefore, look for part time opportunities or even volunteer work to keep busy!

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