An Overview of Retirement Jobs in Brazil

Finding jobs in Brazil is possible, however it may be a little more difficult than in some of the other countries we have looked at. If you wish to work in a larger business, then being employed within any of the major corporations that have offices in Brazil is a good place to start. The country’s capital, Brasilia, offers a good amount of job opportunities in this regard as many larger corporations are based here. Depending on your own skills and adaptability you will find the job market varies from person to person.

In cities driven by tourism such as Recife and Rio de Janeiro you will find opportunities in service jobs in Brazil.

Naturally, it is very helpful if you speak both Portuguese and English, as many visitors are from the United States, the United Kingdom or have basic English skills. Since English is heavily spoken throughout much of the country and is taught to children starting in grade school, so it is common that people here speak both languages. Because of this fact, your job prospects may be limited.

Volunteer Work in Brazil

Some of the most rewarding work you will find is in volunteering.

There is always the need and demand for people to help volunteering no matter where you are in the world. There will always be children that are in need, and skills that need to be taught to families looking for work.
One of the most heartbreaking sites you will see if you travel across Brazil and visit many different cities, including Sao Paulo, are rural areas where shacks make up the homes for families. These areas can be difficult and are often hidden from tourists. Nevertheless, teaching job skills, reading, English and other life and career skills in this situation can be a worthwhile opportunity especially if you are looking volunteer jobs in Brazil.

Start a new Business Venture

Another idea would be to set up your own business here and offer your own product or service. Because the cost of living in Brazil is about one fifth of the cost of living in the United States, money for investment goes much farther here. Finding work in Brazil may be difficult in other areas, but starting your own business can be rewarding and it can add something unique to the country’s offerings.

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