Part Time Jobs in Costa Rica – What to Do with Your Time

Part time jobs in Costa Rica can help you suppliment your pension or Social Security income, or you may simply need something to do to pass the time, having spent an entire lifetime active and now feeling bored. There are plenty of ways to satisfy either need or desire, though in order to work in the country, you will need to either get a work permit or obtain a lawyer to assist you in applying for residency.

Once the legalities are resolved, you’ll want to consider that income levels are not going to equal what you would expect in the United States. The average middle class Costa Rican makes between $500-1000 a month and lives a very modest lifestyle.

Depending on your taste and lifestyle, you can choose your route in pursuing part time work. What sorts of jobs are available for individuals planning to retire in Costa Rica?
Several options can be found in the local papers, similar as they would be in the United States. However, there are readily available jobs you can check into upon arrival.

For example, some individuals may be able to teach English, which typically pays between $300-500 a month and more if you can get a job in an American bilingual school. Work as a hotel receptionist part time, greeting visitors and answering phones. You can also find a job as a tour guide, which can be a very fun opportunity and a great way to meet new people.
Anywhere that tourists frequent – convenience stores, pharmacies, etc – are excellent places for expatriates and retirees to find jobs. While not necessarily paying top dollar, they will provide the additional income that can top off your retirement earnings and allow you to live comfortably. They will also allow you to get out and be a part of the Costa Rican culture. Anywhere that English speakers are needed is a decent prospect for those who are looking for jobs in Costa Rica.
If you are ambitious, there is also always an opportunity to create your own business which could be quite successful if you can offer a product or service that is fairly unique. Real estate and food franchising can be some of the best options with the most likely success, as well as businesses built to service and support the tourist industry.

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