Finding Part-Time Jobs in Greece for Retirees

For retirees, jobs in Greece are not particularly abundant, mostly because the country itself isn’t as industrialized as the United States and because Greece is not a wealthy country with a great number of jobs to offer. In fact, even trying to come by a part-time job to supplement your retirement income can be difficult, especially since you have to acquire a work visa to obtain a job at all. This is entirely separate from your elective residence visa that got you into the country and the stay permit for which you applied after coming to Greece.

However, you may be able to secure part-time jobs in Greece that do not include difficult work and may be paid out in cash rather than through a payroll check. These can really make your life in the Mediterranean paradise ultimately enjoyable, since you’ll have the extra cash to spend on entertainment, travel, and other perks in your retirement.

What Sorts of Jobs in Greece are Available for Retirees?

If you are an early riser, you may be able to secure part time work at the fish markets in the morning, helping the fisherman to hock their wares upon returning to the docks.
While this may not be a daily job and may only require one or two hours of work, it is perfect for bringing in a little something extra to help supplement your retirement funds.

Of course, you can’t be squeamish about the smell of fresh seafood to pull this one off!

Another thing you may look into is working at a souvlaki café. In some of these locations, you might be able to secure part time jobs in Greece as a tips-only waiter or waitress. You could do this part-time, offering your services basically as a volunteer to the shop owner while still pulling in a little extra dough that you can spend as you like. Of course, this is based on the agreement of the shop owner as well as your personal style and temperament. Keep in mind that not everyone in Greece tips, so you may find less cash here than expected.

If you do secure a work permit visa, there are always open part-time jobs due to the fact that it’s a prime tourist destination. You can find part-time work in any of the souvenir or food shops that attract the tourists every day.

Don’t fret – though it may take some time to find the right position for you, if you keep at it you can find something to suit your ideal retirement job!

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