Finding Part -Time Jobs in Italy for Retirees

When it comes to jobs in Italy, as a retiree, there are several limits that you’ll want to set for yourself and several more set for you by the government. In terms of legalities, upon applying for your Italian visa, you will need to prove that you can afford your lifestyle in the country without counting on your current job OR on a job taken in Italy.

At the same time, you want to enjoy your life as a retiree, so you may want to supplement your income with something a little more. This would require perhaps finding a part-time job once you get settled in.

Keeping in mind that this is a retirement, and you won’t want to work too hard, what sort of part-time jobs would be suitable for you in Italy?
As a retiree, you’ve spent decades speaking English, and you may be able to secure a job as a part-time English teacher. Of course, you have to enjoy teaching, enjoy a challenge, and have patience. Such a job is not for everyone, but it may be something you enjoy, and it does pay well, even as a part-time position. You may even check into private lessons, which can afford you flexible hours and even better pay!
At the same time, part-time jobs in Italy like this may require a little more work and thought than you want to use while you are enjoying your retirement.

Don’t worry – there are plenty of other suitable positions for you. Are you someone who enjoys fashion? Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world along with France, and you’ll find a number of independent fashion boutiques in many of the Italian cities. You can work part-time in one of these as a clerk, a personal shopping advisor, or simply a customer service and greeting specialist who makes shoppers feel welcome.

You Should also Consider the Following Italian Job Options

If it’s not clothing that is your passion, perhaps it’s food. Part-time jobs in Italy are almost always available at local bistros and cafes, as well as restaurants, bars, and bakeries. Italy is definitely the food capital of the world, and you can find all sorts of places to meet, greet, seat, and eat! Take your time and find a place you like, offering your services at these locales so that you can choose the one that you like best and suits your tastes. This can make a fine, easy, and enjoyable job for you after retirement.
These are just a few suggestions for you, though you may find something more suited to your taste. I can guarantee that there are jobs in Italy for everyone, regardless of age, aim, or amount of time and effort you wish to spend working, especially after retirement!

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