Finding Jobs in Spain

Getting jobs in Spain is not the hard part. The difficult part is the way that you’ll need to qualify for work in the country.

Though part of your residency requirements here are a retiree will be having enough monetary funds available to you to care for yourself and your dependents, this does not mean that you can’t open a business, take on a part time job, or do volunteer work throughout the country. You can, but you must meet the strict requirements in place first.
One thing that is often misunderstood is the work visa.

While you may need a visa that allows you to work, you do not always need a specific work visa. Most residency visas also come with working privileges, assuming that you apply for them (which your US consulate will help you to do).

Jobs in Spain can be obtained in several capacities. You can own a business, such as a restaurant or even an inn, assuming that you obtain the right visa to do so. For those that are not looking for self employed positions, you can find a variety of job opportunities to choose from. Speaking the language is going to be imperative if you are working with the public. A good job for those who are learning to speak Spanish would be to work in the tourism industry. Service jobs can be a good way to enjoy a relaxing style of living.

Do you Speak Spanish?

For those that speak Spanish, you may want to find jobs in Spain that allow you to use those skills. For example, with a teaching degree, you can teach in colleges and universities, or even in lower levels of education. English is commonly taught in elementary and secondary education here.
For those looking for volunteer opportunities, you’re in luck as well! Many opportunities exist in more rural areas, as well as in hospitals. Contact the local civil organizations where you live to find more volunteer opportunities. It’s a great way for you to get to know the people and the culture.

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