An Overview of Jobs In Thailand

Jobs in Thailand are available to those that retire here. When moving to Thailand, it may become necessary to consider employment there to either keep you busy or supplement your income. Both part time and full time positions are available. What’s more, if you are just looking for something to invest your time into, volunteer positions are also available for various organizations. You are likely to find the right type of employment to fit your needs in terms of time commitment and type of work.

The type of jobs available to you will depend on the location you are in.

In many of the beach towns, you will find the service industry is really the driving force behind the economy. In other words, jobs are available to help in many facets of tourism such as restaurants, hotels, shops and other amenities. For those that can communicate well to westerners, you may have an easier time finding employment in these locations.

Perhaps one of the most sought after and readily available positions for those looking for jobs in Thailand are ESL, or English as a Second Language instructors. You can often teach in a number of venues especially if you can communicate well enough in Thai, though don’t be discouraged from exploring this avenue of employment if you haven’t yet grasped the local language. This is also a good opportunity for volunteer work, which is an ideal situation for those looking for something to contribute but who are financial secure.
Another area to consider is working in larger firms and companies here. For example, in Bangkok, several internationally based companies can be found. Many US based companies have operations available in Thailand.
Jobs in Thailand may not provide you with a lot of money in return for your time when you compare the wages to those that you earned back home. After all, the cost of living here is much lower than in western countries and the wages reflect this. Yet, the satisfaction of providing your skills and abilities through volunteer work, such as a local hospital or even through tourism based activities, can be worth the investment as well.

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