A Typical Day Living in Italy

You may wonder what a day of living in Italy entails if you choose to retire to the classic beauty of this country known for wine and food. There are a couple of adjustments you may have to make as a retiree from the United States, but neither one should be too difficult to get used to. The first is the schedule upon which Italians run, and the second is their complete lack of hurry, often leading to things running behind schedule.

In Europe in general, the day starts and ends much later than it does in the United States.

This is especially true in Italy, where many cafes don’t even open for breakfast until at least eight o’clock, if not later. Living in Italy gives you plenty of opportunity to sleep in! In fact, many Italians will have a brunch instead of breakfast and lunch, eating around ten o’clock in the morning.

A Relaxed Italian Lifestyle is Perfect for Retirement

After that, depending on where you live, you may enjoy browsing through shops or relaxing on the beach or even working on your farm or vineyard, if that is the life of retirement that you’ve chosen.

During these hours, Italy and its citizens are as hard at work as they will ever be. Remember, living in Italy is a relaxed lifestyle that doesn’t require rushing or being in any kind of hurry.

Be aware that, by about two o’clock in the afternoon, all of the eateries will be closed. This is similar to the Spanish siesta that goes on in Spain, Mexico, and other Latin countries. It’s the break between lunch or brunch and the evening shift. You’ll notice that, with workdays starting at ten in the morning and lunch breaks that can last two or three hours, the Italian workday can last late into the evening – perhaps seven or eight o’clock. This is a big difference from the United States.

This aspect of living here leads to a very late dinner, as is the case with most of Europe. Dinner will be served around nine o’clock or perhaps later, with some Italians preferring their dinner as late as eleven. In the afternoon and evening, while you are waiting for this time to arrive, you may want to have an afternoon tea as a snack, followed by a stroll by one of Italy’s beautiful lakes or rivers or even along the coast, if you are lucky enough to live by the ocean. With such a laid back environment, it’s no wonder that living in Italy appeals to so many retirees!

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