Mexico Food At Its Best

Mexico food is special, full of flavor and texture that will give you something unique at each meal. Mexican cuisine that you find in US restaurants is not the same thing as local cuisine. When you arrive here, do not fall for the temptation to look for one of your favorite chain restaurants that are readily available in the larger cities and serve American cuisine. Instead, it’s best to seek out the small mom and pop restaurants that offer traditional meals at their finest. You’ll appreciate it later.

The food here is a blend of European cultures and cooking methods with those of the native people.

Many of the foods are based on what is readily available in terms of food products in the country. Therefore, you get many corn based dishes as well as chicken, pork and beef.
Mexico Food - EnchiladasSome of the most popular of Mexico food includes maize (corn based grain,) tortillas, tacos, enchiladas, tamales and pozole – a soup or stew that is made form hominy, meat, chili and seasoning, as well as cilantro, oregano, lettuce or cabbage and avocado. Common ingredients you will find in this cuisine include chicken, pork, and beef for meats, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, onions, avocados, guavas and other vegetables.
Perhaps one of the areas that the food here is well known for is the use of chilies. Chilies are used in many dishes, but many times they are not as spicy as you may think if you’ve never had authentic Mexican. Chilies are used all over the cuisine as additives and seasoning, but also as cut up pieces for stews.
For drinks, you can enjoy a variety of fruit juices, as well as all common beverages found around the world. Soda is just as popular. One thing to try is the hot chocolate which is made with water and milk, then blended, and finally topped with cinnamon. For alcoholic beverages, you will find mescal, tequila and pulque all commonly available.
Mexico food is full of flavor and fresh ingredients. Try as many unique dishes as you can here and be sure to try those that are truly Mexican cuisine in tradition.

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