Moving To Belize: Preparations and Considerations

When you are planning on moving to Belize, there are a few things that you should plan for ahead of time. At this point, you may have already visited and therefore you know to pack all of your warm weather clothing and be sure that all of your water sport equipment is available; or at least plan to purchase that when you arrive.

Keep in mind that it’s more than just packing your camera with plenty of film, a little sunscreen and some insect repellent!

Here are some helpful things to consider when moving to Belize.

First, realize that you will be in a safe location, but being prepared is helpful. You should visit your doctor to insure that you are up on immunizations such as Gamma Globulin for Hepatitis A and a booster shot for others.
You may need to visit a travel doctor (yes, such a thing exists!) who is up to date on worldly health conditions and can recommend the proper vaccinations.

It’s also a good idea to remember to tell the doctor if you plan to travel to any of the surrounding areas or countries. An example of this would be if you plan to do hiking and sightseeing in the rural areas where you may be exposed to different things than if you only plan to be in the cities.
There are no requirements that you get shots to enter the country, but it can be an important factor, and it’s relatively painless and inexpensive. Because of the subtropical climate, you may not be used to having to deal with mosquitoes all year round and you should keep insect repellant with you. Alternatively, you may need to take Chloroquine, a drug given to treat malaria, for a long period of time to protect you.

In terms of money, nearly all locations take credit cards easily. That said, be sure it is a VISA, MasterCard or an American Express card. Not all debit cards will work here. Smaller vendors and smaller villages may require cash, which is in the form of the Belize Dollar. The Belize Dollar is fixed to the US Dollar and does not change. That means for every US Dollar you get 2 Belize Dollars. Banks are available including some of the largest UK based banks such as Barclays Bank. As always it’s a good idea to have a few hundred dollars in local currency before you arrive. Your bank may need some time to receive foreign currencies, so plan ahead and talk to your local bank about getting some Belize money before you leave.
When moving to Belize, feel free to bring with you want you want to bring. Most personal items are allowed, but there are some restrictions to keep in mind including: no more than 200 cigarettes or 1/2 pound of tobacco, no more than one bottle of perfume and no more than 20 ounces of alcohol.
If you wish to ship items to Belize you can do so by air or sea which may be a good option for larger pieces of property you plan to bring with you when moving to Belize.
Moving to Belize will be enjoyable, so long as you prepare for the process ahead of time.

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