Retire Abroad With Comfort And Security

Why retire abroad?  There is much to think about when considering retiring abroad.  When you have worked long and hard at your career, whether you have been stationed abroad or at home, retiring is the reward for your hard work.  If you think only millionaires can afford retiring overseas, think again.  It is possible for middle class Americans to live the dream of retiring in a country far from home.  You can enjoy the luxury of a maid, housekeeper, and personal chauffer for less than 1500 dollars a month? Seem like a fairy tale?  Retiring abroad is not only possible, but very realistic.  If you want to retire abroad, there are certain things you should know.

Finding a country where you can retire abroad

Before you can realistically think about retiring in a new land, you should think about the idea of leaving your home country for good. If the thought of adventure overseas agrees with you, then you can seriously consider the idea.  In some countries in eastern Europe and southeast Asia you can retire to a beautiful home surrounded by nature with maids and servants looking after you for less than 1200 dollars a month.  Choosing the right country is crucial.

If you have never left the US, you should get out and travel the world before you decide on a country to retire in.  Take a globetrotting tour to England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, India, Nepal, and Newzealand.  Spend at least two weeks in each country savoring the unique culture and food of each land.  Experience the traditions and enjoy the scenery.  When you return home, conduct further research on the countries that you loved the most.  Find out what the tax laws are, what it costs to live there, and how to retire to that country in the ultimate comfort.

Retire abroad with benefits

People who want to retire overseas, do not usually think that third world countries have benefits.  Sure, there are some things that you will need to get used to like no electricity sometimes, or lack of infrastructure.  But living in some developing countries like India and Srilanka sure have their benefits.  You can live in a comfortable house in the hills of India for less than $800 a month including hiring a maid, cook, and personal chauffer.  Some countries like New Zealand, England, and Ireland present a little more a challenge financially, but they are not out of your reach.

The low cost of living and better quality of life that countries overseas present is an obvious benefit.  Another advantage is the climate of some countries.  If you want to retire in style to a country with some of the most wonderful views in Europe, consider Cyprus, Ireland, and Switzerland.  The cost of hiring house help abroad is sometimes one fifteenth the cost of home care in the US.  You can live comfortably with a maid, cook, and house keeper for a pittance in some countries.  If you are going to retire abroad, you can look forward to a comfortable, adventurous, and cheap retirement.

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