More Reasons Why You Should Retire in Australia

It may be easier to answer questions regarding why you should NOT retire in Australia, since these are few and far between. Some people may feel that the Australian government overtaxes the public, but these people likely fail to realize that those tax extra dollars are being used to fund several government programs that are not available in countries like the United States. The reality is that those extra tax dollars cover expenses like health care services that normally cost them money in the US. In all actuality, Australia makes for a great retirement home for several reasons.

Come for the Climate

Perhaps the number one reason to retire in Australia is the climate. Most people choose to live on the eastern coast, which is much more developed than the outback. Here, you’ll find a somewhat tropical environment, though not as humid as the tropics themselves. Also, it’s warm throughout the year, with a very mild winter. Trust me, this is a welcome relief for aching bones and joints due to arthritis and other painful ailments that are affected by the changing seasons.

Welcoming Locals

the Australian people are quite friendly and make fast friends and acquaintances, quick with a smile and to call you “mate”. While they may not become trusted best friends right-off the bat, they are often quite casual, using first names right away, and they make you feel welcome and comfortable in a country that is actually similar in many ways to the United States.

Your Home Away from Home

You may do well to think of Australia a bit like a home away from home, in fact, if you were to compare California with Alaska, you would probably find more similarities in Australia than Alaska.

It is a wealthy, first-world country with a booming economy and a great social atmosphere. Unlike the United States, the population is low, without density problems. In fact, it has only about 5% of the population of the United States (approximately 18 million) on a continent of comparable size to your home nation.

Health Care Benefits

How Expensive is Overseas Health Care without Insurance?
Overseas health care can be very expensive – to give you an example, I cracked my ribs while living in China. I was in a lot of pain and wanted to see a western doctor. To see the doctor cost about $80USD, and then to get xrays of my ribs cost another $140. The whole process took less than 10 minutes, and in the end the doctor told me all I could do was rest and the ribs would naturally heal themselves. In a situation like this I sure wish the government would have covered the $220 total bill to basically tell me to stay home and rest!

Another bonus of Australian retirement has to do with the reason for higher taxes – I know higher taxes sounds bad, but let me explain. Everyone has health care through the Australian Medicare government program, so no one has to worry about private insurance, since it is already paid for. As an expatriate, though, you are allowed to carry your own insurance, as long as it is comparable to the coverage provided through the country’s government program.

To retire in Australia is to change the pace of life and the backdrop for it without really going overboard in changing your lifestyle altogether. Perhaps because it is so similar to the United States in some ways it makes one of the easiest transitions for you and other retirees who are looking for a beautiful environment where they can live and enjoy the warm climate with the comforts of home.

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