How To Supplement Retire Income

Retire income can quickly be increased by having fun or selling skills. Whether the desire for more money is from necessity, a way to stay mentally and physically active or to contribute something to the world, there is an easy way to do this. Retirees using their interests or hobbies to make money, feel like every day is a wonderful holiday. Over the 30 or 40 years of any working life, active seniors accumulated talents, abilities and educations worth money to other people. By taking advantage of this lifetime of diverse experiences, senior citizens have fun and add to their retirement nest egg.

Retire Income: Getting Paid For Having Fun

Turning a hobby into a moneymaking venture is simply deciding what to do. People who enjoy fishing can offer fishing lessons and fishing trips to newcomers charging for their experience. Turning cooking skills into a part-time business through catering or supplying pies, cakes, jams or other delicacies to a caterer or deli are an option. A couple who enjoys making jewelry by hand can sell their product on the Internet or load up a motor home and travel to swap meets around the country expanding retirement income.

The forest service hires campground hosts who receive a camping spot in one of the beautiful national parks for the season in exchange for being available to other campers. Investors manage their own investment accounts in the stock and currency markets working as many or as few hours a day or week as they wish. Self managed real estate investments like rental properties increase cash flow.

Retire Income: Selling Skills

Seniors looking for work are in luck as the American workforce is aging without enough young workers to replace the retiring workers. In 2010, employees between the ages of 45 and 64 increased 54% while employees between 35 and 44 years of age dropped 10%. To combat the upcoming labor shortage companies are offering flexible hours, days and choices of jobs to attract or keep workers over 50.

Many companies offer retiring employees part-time work. This is a great way to expand retirement income, work less and have more fun. Offering to work for a company as a consultant allows the retiree to set his or her own wages and hours.

By hiring greeters businesses help their customers and retired people socialize while increasing retire income. Gardeners enjoy working as floral assistants and get on-the-job training. Temporary positions allow workers to fill a position for a few days or months; temp agencies offer a variety of work in different locations paying between $10 and $30 an hour. Museums, parks and historical monuments hire tour guides to educate and entertain visitors.

Stretching retire income is more important today than ever before. Statistically 65 year-olds can expect to live until they are 83, needing more money for their golden years. Finding extra income after retirement is as easy as expanding a hobby or interest or selling the skills developed over the working years. Employers, customers and consumers everywhere are looking for help.

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