Great Retire Places Overseas

There’s a lot great retire places in the world and this list contains the best countries that you need to look at if you’re considering moving abroad for your retirement.

Perhaps you’ve traveled abroad and always had a lingering desire to return one day, or maybe you lived abroad for a time while you were younger and always wondered what it would be like to live overseas again and really get into the culture once you had more time to take everything in.

great retire places


If you want to stretch your retirement income to be able to get you a luxurious retirement life, then Argentina is one of your options. This is a great place for football lovers to retire. The weather varies depending on the region you are in but you can find that tropical climate everyone just loves in the northern part of the country. Argentina has a beautiful culture you will surely enjoy.


You can experience both beaches and snow-covered mountains when retiring in Bulgaria. This country has a beautiful culture that will amaze you. High-quality health care with US-trained physicians can be found here. The cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe.

Costa Rica

Have you dreamt of retiring in the tropics? Then Costa Rica is the place for you! Enjoy the surf and sand here while experiencing a different culture and lifestyle. The cost of living is low, ensuring your retirement income will give you a high standard of living. Health care facilities can be found within the city of San Jose.


This place is one of the many retire places where the living accommodations are inexpensive. At only 300 USD you can rent a condominium. There are so many sights to look forward to, such as the renowned Galapagos Island. The climate is tropical and the health care is more than adequate.


You will find many tropical islands in this country. The cost of living here is very low with services as low as one-third of what you pay in the US.


Malaysia is encouraging more and more people to come and retire here with its 10-years multiple entry visas. It offers a tax exemption on pensions with its “My Second Home” program. There are a lot of quality health care facilities. Moreover, there are many tourist destinations that make retiring here quite enjoyable for those looking to lead an active life in their golden years.


If you are looking for a place abroad to retire to will still remaining close to home then Mexico is one of your best options. The cost of living here is low and it is only a plane ride away from the US. It has a lot of wonderful retire places to offer at a low cost where you can even hire house help to do the chores for you at only 150 USD a week. Health care here is almost on par with the US.


The Pensionado Program is one of the many reasons why Panama is one of the best retire places you can find. This program offers retirees numerous discounts for their entertainment and transportation, plus many others benefits. Being a tropical country, you will find many great beaches and rainforests here. Many of the health care facilities here in Panama are affiliated with US hospitals.


This is another tropical country that you would surely enjoy. Your retirement income would go a very long way here as the cost of living is low. Food, goods and commodities are very affordable. Furthermore, there are a lot of beaches where you can spend your leisure time enjoying.

South Africa

If you are looking for a safari adventure, retiring to South Africa is one great option. This country has a low cost of living and still offers quality health care. Moreover, South Africa has been emerging in terms of plastic surgery tourism. Touring around in its cities is also worthwhile, or head down to the coast to enjoy the country’s great beaches.


The Far East offers great retire places in Thailand. It has beautiful beaches with azure waters to enjoy and historical sites to see, Medical tourism is on the rise here. You can get great-tasting food at low cost. There are lots of massage services here that charge as low as 10 USD. The climate is tropical.


Down in South America, Uruguay is another paradise of a retire place you will surely enjoy. You will get more than your money’s worth here given that the cost of living is so low. This retire place offers recreational activities involving the art and music scene. Being a tropical country, it has a lot of wonderful beaches.

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